S has taken the kids to Forest School and it's my day off so treating myself to a film. Watching Dead Zone, a 1983 Christopher Walken film with great support from Brooke Adams, it's bloody fantastic. The action scenes aren't drawn out like they would be today and the clothes and decor throughout remind me of my childhood.

This was creating beautiful strokes. I'm an idiot for abandoning it, and a bigger one for losing the code.

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I've lost the hard disk startup already, boot from floppy works fine, although with that I can't experiment with adding the networking extension to get it online. This is turning into a much bigger project than anticipated. Apparently it's common for people to need two working Classics so they can do disk work on one for the other. The SCSI HD looks to have been specially formatted in an external caddy, which means the Apple repair tools can't see it (I can browse it fine though though).

It's not quite working yet but I've implemented a standalone Work Manager file downloader in Ariane, so no worries about keeping the app open if you download large/slow files.

I'm going to swap the Theme and Accessibility sections here in Ariane's Settings screen. A screen reader user would have to step through all the Theme fields to get to what they need, anyone without a screen reader can just scroll past the Accessibility features in under a second (although I turn most of them on as I prefer Geminispace with them on).

S took a photo of me on the beach at the weekend and there's no denying I'm developing a middle-aged spread. I'm going to try and get on the bike every day and she'd a stone or two.

I should be fixing bugs, but instead I've added a duotone filter option to Ariane, so you can have your Geminispace looking more like a zine than ever before. Coming soon, just need to rework the settings screen to accomodate it.

Finished a basic BASIC Mariner Protocol client in 95 lines of Chipmunk Basic: oppen.digital/memex/20210905_2

It's even got a functioning history.

Back from Snowdonia, loved every second (apart from the usual child meltdowns), wanted to move there but then realised it's only a 3 hour drive away and our life is here in Yorkshire, so we're going back for another long weekend next month I think.

Years ago I was tempted to setup a website called 'openwaymarkers' or something, I never got around to it because the web is so painful to develop for, but every time I see a way marker I think about doing it.

The tragic thing about this site is these two chambers were originally completed covered in stones. I guess over the last few thousand years it's been used as a ready source of stone for dry stone walls by farmers.

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I wrote a Mercury Protocol client in Chipmunk BASIC. No idea why, some vague notion of getting a Macintosh Classic and running it on that. I think I just want an excuse to spend money I don't have on a vintage mac.

Well aware of my unhealthy tendency to gravitate towards misery and despair, but I've rarely felt so seen. Quote from Inventing the Future on Verso.

My mum is visiting today and brought her new cheap Lenovo Chromebook. Installed Ariane and it works great. I need to add a few more keyboard shortcuts but it's already a good experience.

Just found a couple of these while tidying up. I got them made a while back and was thinking about selling them, they're a riff on the Smiling Sun logo: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smilin

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