Not all the old stones are in idyllic countryside. This is Skirsgill standing stone in an industrial park by the motorway.

This is one of my favourites, may have been hidden for a long time because it hasn't picked up a name, it's just on the OS maps as Cairn Circle.

In a churchyard in Dacre, Cumbria are these four stone statues. Nobody know what they are and they're probably older than the village and church itself. They're called the 'four bears' but there looks to be a mane and tail on one so they might be lions.

Only day 2 and I've already bagged 4 neolithic and megalithic sites. This is one of four 'hogback' stones at what's known as the Giant's Grave at St Andrew's church in the centre of Penrith.

This is the Goggleby Stone which forms the end of 'Shap Avenue', a row of stones leading out of Shap, Cumbria. It's about 8 foot tall and probably another glacial deposit (there's another in the adjacent field) but has been lifted into a standing position. The base is now concrete so maybe there was some worrying movement at some point.

The Thunder Stone! (near Shap Abbey, Cumbria). I couldn't spend more than 30 seconds taking photos, there was a bull in the field and he didn't look happy with me being there.

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Hoping to make it to the Thunder Stone today. Not a standing stone, but a large glacial deposit boulder that's earned itself a name in prehistory. It's not spectacular but it's been on my list for a couple of years now.

I'm sat here at Denis Field, a little green oasis in a suburban area down in the valley. For some reason the local council have decided it would be a good place to build some new houses:

Spent some time researching licenses again, trying to find something I'd be happy using: Conclusion: I'm not destined for happiness.

Sending a running commentary to a close friend who's seen it already.

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Ariane 3 is progressing. All accessibility functionality from Ariane 2 is in place, plus more. Hopefully ready for an Alpha release in the next week or so.

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