and the .apk is currently 92kb:

It'll get bigger of course as more features get added, it needs file download support to be useful for anything, but after that, back/history, and ability to set a home page I think I'll call it done.

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My server is now serving Gemtext files over Mercury and stripping out Gemini syntax

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@Little__Ham thank you! Get the 4 Beta if you've not already, it's a lot lot better than the previous versions:

@Little__Ham I don't think so, I'm not sure anyone's actually implemented it before (may well be wrong (I usually am), I've long since avoided the Gemini mailing list)

@OberstKrueger if a client doesn't write an address with a newline after a short timeout that should be enough, then just return a string with line breaks for clarity describing the format

@maxc it's weird, it felt really familiar, but now I'm wondering if I'd just noticed it before on a previous visit.

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Hi! I’m Joe, and I’m here because I share the values of exploration, inspiration, and mutual respect that Merveilles works to foster—the best kind of peer pressure.

Recent interests:

* making it easier to mold tech to fit the needs of a local community

* building things that work better in unreliable infrastructure (and reusing things we already made)

* growing healthier human communities to sustainably maintain the tech & data we care about

* "tools for thought"

* sunshine

I've done some more thinking about the Mercury Protocol, I'm going to amend Phaedra to be a Mercury client, I just need to get my server working with mercury requests first:


(hypercritical respondees: please move on with your day instead of pointing out corner cases and other what abouts..., have a nice soothing cup of tea)

@avalos the 3s are still excellent devices. I use a 3XL daily as a test device and it's as snappy as newer phones

(Every house in the UK has what's known as a 'broom cupboard', or at least it did, that colloquialism might die with my generation)

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This Brougham Cupboard sign at Brougham Hall amused me.

@avalos @ithor Fairphone is frustratingly slow. you'd be better off with a secondhand Pixel 4 or 5

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Happy Day! We're actually in Cumbria this weekend and I just spotted this on top of the ramparts of an old hall. Anyone have any idea what it is?

@kensanata @aw the only reason I've not implemented Iapetus on my server is because my node.js skills suck. When I can find the time I'll do it, and add all of these protocols to Lander

@stereo new in Ariane 4? Everything! It's pretty much a 'clean room' rewrite, done properly and fully modular, most importantly client certs/identity handling is implemented properly in-app. There's plenty to do and I've taken some shortcuts but it's all so much better engineered it should be a solid foundation to build upon.

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