@eris I'll be putting a spec together over the next week if you want to help. Check the epub format for inspiration, leverage Gemtext for pretty much everything with the addition of a metadata file that may define a cover image and other stuff. Chapters should just sit in a single .gmi file that's split by the reader into screen size chunks.

@eris yeah, zip's standard for this kinda thing. Java .jar, Android .apk, .epub all use zip as a container

@adele I might write a spec and give it a go. I already have an in-progress .ePub reader so could add this new nascent format too.

@bortzmeyer @solene obviously, but even Google with their limitless resources can't parse xHtml reliably in Play Books.

A Gemini capsule directory zipped up would make an excellent eBook format. .ePub is just zipped up xHtml and is an absolute nightmare to parse.

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@mattrose as soon as I'm back from this holiday I'll be throwing myself back into my side projects, but I'm leaving all that drama in my past. It wasn't even on my radar at all until this past year and it's all incredibly depressing and juvenile.

art vs. capitalism 

@palomakop as soon as I monetise things I lose interest in them. The fun (and drive to do it) disappears.

During this time away from computers something's been crystallising in my head: the culture and drama around foss/open source/floss/whatever-you-want-to-call-it isn't something I want to waste any more time with. I happily spent most of my life writing code without this culture war being a part of it.

@raelzero I just get out when I can and log them here: oppen.digital/memex/places/ Most are marked on the UK's fantastic Ordnance Survey maps.

Normal tooting will resume from Friday when we return from holiday, for now enjoy/put-up-with the old stones.

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Not all the old stones are in idyllic countryside. This is Skirsgill standing stone in an industrial park by the motorway.

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"So how much ram are we talking, on a scale from going to the moon to displaying a web page"

This is one of my favourites, may have been hidden for a long time because it hasn't picked up a name, it's just on the OS maps as Cairn Circle.

In a churchyard in Dacre, Cumbria are these four stone statues. Nobody know what they are and they're probably older than the village and church itself. They're called the 'four bears' but there looks to be a mane and tail on one so they might be lions.

@petrichor my wife grew up here and the in-laws are still here too so we're up quite often. She'd never been to Castlerigg before today though!

Someone in the Matrix room just posted this: geminiquickst.art/ it's a fantastic 'getting started' intro for non-tech people.

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