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Overview of #Lagrange v1.3 (gemlog post)

Version 1.3 has wide-ranging improvements that touch on all facets of the application. Now I regret calling v1.2 a "Big One" because this release eclipses it quite easily. 😄



Added a http port 80 server to my website and I wish Gemini had something similar (none-TLS socket requests, possibly just served over port 1966 - but I'm not setting foot near the mailing list to suggest it)

Listening to old tracks I made, missing having properly working ears, but glad I don't spend my days looking at expensive modular synths. Most of it sounds like a recording of the air conditioning at an art gallery:

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I renamed the essay to "Towards A Cooperative Technology Movement" and moved it to cooperativetechnology.codeberg

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Thanks to everyone who kept bugging me about adding tabs, this new ui works really well. No release yet, need to refactor the entire app but it's going to be great:

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💎 Gembro is a mouse-driven Gemini browser written in Bubble Tea. We loved it so much we made our own Gemini capsule.

Try ’em both!
gembro gemini://

I've had a few people request tabs in Ariane (plus one 3 star review because it doesn't - thanks stranger). I've finally figured out a UI that doesn't suck too much. I was going to make Ariane 2 a grand rewrite but I think I'll just do a massive refactor instead with this added, then do Ariane 3 with Jetpack Compose in the next 6 months sometime.

The sun's shining, the clocks have changed, it feels like I'm on drugs.

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I have Spring cleaned in my capsule. The longer I browse #geminispace, the more I like it.


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I just found this piece by @devinprater about formatting for the blind. And it reminded me of older formatting techniques we had in MS-DOS that were also more accessible than the WYSIWYG stuff in graphical interfaces. Reveal codes in WordPerfect, or the dot commands in WordStar. We had full control over this stuff; and then came Windows. #noxp

Blood mention, covid, medical paraphernalia 

Since October we've been doing regular swabs for the Office of National Statistics, every couple of weeks or so, we were lucky to be randomly selected and have had dozens of Covid tests. Now they've added antibody blood tests and extended the study until April 2022. I have the worst needle phobia but these little self-administered lancing tools were fine. The increased heart rate got the blood pumping too and I filled the sample tube in no time at all.

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Smolicon is finished, source and download: Now with fill tool and colour chooser, proper day/night theming and a few other tweaks.

There's thousands of colour picker libraries for Android for some reason, this was just a few dozen lines of code.

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> It is a lot easier to find your errors in four lines of code than in four hundred.

- Arthur Whitney, creator of K

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