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Can I subtoot about people picking holes in a spec I wrote in bed in an hour after a busy day caring for two young children? The collaboration since has been great but christ almighty there's a few dickheads about as well. If I've interacted with you this isn't about you, I've just had a few antagonising emails since Gempub got posted on the Gemini mailing list (no surprise really given that mailing lists reputation).

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The Programmer's Oath

I signed this a while back, and like to go back and read it again every so often. Tenet 7 often stands out to me.

"I will remember that I do not write code for computers, but for people."

A local wood cut printer was doing that artist pledge thing and I messaged him about this piece because it reminded me of the woods up here, and it'd be a good memory to have if we move away (tiny house, 2 children), turns out it is the wood on our hill. So it was meant to be. Found an old frame in the attic that's almost a perfect fit too.

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One thing I forgot to add (and now I'm trapped under a sleeping baby so it'll have to wait), is to make the mime-type and metadata files optional so reader apps can still handle capsules that have simply been zipped.

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Thanks for all the Gempub feedback and help so far (especially @jk and @bortzmeyer), Gempub 1.0.0 is almost ready I think: I have a little checking to do around the language and charset optional metadata (included mainly so implementations can supply language hints to screen readers), if anyone has any additional recommendations get them to me in the next couple of days and we'll make this 1.0.0 spec final.

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Really looking forward to the day I can flash the old faithful #kobo e-reader with alternative firmware that'll enable me to both read #gempub format and browse #gemini capsules.
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now this is what I'm talking about! On Images must always include a description for accessibility:.
That makes my cynical heart think there may be some hope yet.

#a11y #accessibility #Gemini #Gempub

Back home. With new hand thrown mug (from Brougham Hall, Penrith).

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@oppen Hi! Today after seeing a Gemini client on FDroid I went into a rabbithole of learning about it and found the your app around and I was thoroughly enjoying the whole thing and then seeing your fedi address in your gemini capsule I was astonished because I've been obsessed with people and projects in Merveilles after finding them through @neauoire (Hi, I thanked you for the Left software a few months ago :D) and it just deepened my appreciation of you all :)

A Gemini capsule directory zipped up would make an excellent eBook format. .ePub is just zipped up xHtml and is an absolute nightmare to parse.

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During this time away from computers something's been crystallising in my head: the culture and drama around foss/open source/floss/whatever-you-want-to-call-it isn't something I want to waste any more time with. I happily spent most of my life writing code without this culture war being a part of it.

Normal tooting will resume from Friday when we return from holiday, for now enjoy/put-up-with the old stones.

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Not all the old stones are in idyllic countryside. This is Skirsgill standing stone in an industrial park by the motorway.

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"So how much ram are we talking, on a scale from going to the moon to displaying a web page"

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