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Quoting myself from nytpu "why gemini" page (sorry if that sounds vain, that's not the goal^^):

For me, one of the greatest aspect of gemini is that it is made to focus on content.
No monetization around ads and tracking create a space where people can focus on what they want to read and/or write about, in a non-intrusive and non-distracting access to content…


But that will never be enough for users that like the web as it is… And I think it's fine…

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Thinking about Gemini, the biggest problem isn't the tech stack (which is pretty much perfect, despite many many bad takes out there from tech bros who've just discovered it 'it doesn't even have images!' 'no inline links?' 'why not use Markdown?' etc etc).

The biggest problem is articulating why it's so good for lay people. How do you sell this idea that it's practically incorruptible in an easy-to-grasp way, and how to contrast that to the web in a way people will easily click with?

I should just enjoy these moments but now I'm scheming ways of getting photos of the bats.

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S and I are rarely up together when the sun goes down due to kids/bedtime duties/being exhausted. But last night we were, and we stood at our front window watching the sun go down, then the bats came out and entertained us for half an hour before bed, swooping by the house catching insects.

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Outsourced pen tester's at the new job: "is a device memory dump out of scope?"... Um, we make a kids toy. I already know they're going to come back recommending cert pinning, they always do.

Pen testing is the biggest grift in the business. They just go through the same lazy script every time, a bunch of pointless recommendations that don't take into account effort versus risk. I know they don't look any deeper because they never find the weaknesses people in the company already know about.

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Here's Ariane 4 so far. I've learned from previous mistakes and am leaving out absolutely everything until I've got the tab stack/history/uri resolution absolutely perfect. I might even rewrite the tab handling again before moving on as it's getting a little unwieldy (to be fair managing a stack of tabs is by definition really stateful and most of my life is spent trying to do away with as much state management as possible):

I got a Moment Telephoto lens off eBay just so I could get this picture. Same as before but taken further back up the hill so the building geometry is the same. Also realised the original must have been taken in late afternoon as the sun is lighting up the building from the west (or maybe result of a long exposure)

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I took a lot of photos today but this one is just beautiful.

Portishead really were the greatest of all time:

I have had a beer.

I've been meaning to try this since I found the old photo, I need to try it again with a telephoto from further away to get the same roof angle, but here's home now and then.

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