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It's not quite working yet but I've implemented a standalone Work Manager file downloader in Ariane, so no worries about keeping the app open if you download large/slow files.

Parents, Racism 

Asked my mum if Eric Clapton's racism was known about in the 70s, told her about his Enoch Powell rant and her response was an absolute classic: “Well, it's gone too far the other way now hasn't it”

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Recording of my flash crash set is up, check out my first adventures into ritual synthesis here :)

“We were like, ‘This is just so hard.’”

The disastrous voyage of Satoshi, the world’s first cryptocurrency cruise ship, comedy from beginning to end:

Back to an anonymous avatar. Feels much safer.

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😱 They are onto us:

"Tech Workers Rebel Against a Lame-Ass Internet by Bringing Back ‘GeoCities-style’ WebRings"

Sadly it seems the article (and the discussion where I found it) kinda missed the big picture behind smol web, but at least it was nice to see @neauoire mentioned and a way to let a bit of mainstream crowd know that there is a web outside of corporate ecosystem :)

I'm going to swap the Theme and Accessibility sections here in Ariane's Settings screen. A screen reader user would have to step through all the Theme fields to get to what they need, anyone without a screen reader can just scroll past the Accessibility features in under a second (although I turn most of them on as I prefer Geminispace with them on).

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Great article on software development and what makes the current culture so problematic. Lots of great ideas in here

I need some new tyres though, the bike is a 'super commuter' and the tyres are terrible on anything other than tarmac.

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S took a photo of me on the beach at the weekend and there's no denying I'm developing a middle-aged spread. I'm going to try and get on the bike every day and she'd a stone or two.

Some work to do, especially with the contrast, may add granular controls in settings too:

Download 4.1.63 or newer:

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I should be fixing bugs, but instead I've added a duotone filter option to Ariane, so you can have your Geminispace looking more like a zine than ever before. Coming soon, just need to rework the settings screen to accomodate it.

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Finished a basic BASIC Mariner Protocol client in 95 lines of Chipmunk Basic:

It's even got a functioning history.

Back from Snowdonia, loved every second (apart from the usual child meltdowns), wanted to move there but then realised it's only a 3 hour drive away and our life is here in Yorkshire, so we're going back for another long weekend next month I think.

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