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I've been meaning to reduce my monthly outgoings and putting out that Dave Chappelle thing made quitting Netflix an easy decision.

A small burial cairn. Took S to see it, she didn't know about it despite growing up here.

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I've been looking into getting Ariane updated on F-Droid but the whole process is like pulling teeth, every time I do anything with F-Droid the pain starts, so I just want to remove the app... I know they're understaffed and permanenetly stretched but there has to be a better way.

True Blue by Dirty Beaches: I saw him live years ago down in London, the band managed to create a fantastic atmosphere at an otherwise badly managed mini festival (the usual problem: captive audience and hiked up alcohol prices).

I checked out their web domain, they're a hacker news/coin bro type...

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Awww Gemini's got it's very first troll, so desperate for attention they're even posting their rants about how much they don't like Gemini to Antenna.

With the new theming options for layout, font, and colour you can make Gemtext render beautifully.

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The stone looks a lot weirder in this archive photo, I guess from when it was moved to Colonsay House.

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It's got a boring temporary icon; I'll get the branding to something I'm happy with eventually...

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New Ariane Beta, rushed this out as I'm away from a computer for a few days. Various fixes, new dutone image option, new font choices, improved inline image loading. Head to Settings to see the new options:

Just found an old stone photo I forget to document from Colonsay a year ago this week. The Tobar Oran stone (now at Colonsay House, moved from Ruisg Buidhe).

FYI, I just checked. If you live here in Madagascar, use internet on your phone, and are with Telma (the largest phone/internet provider), then buying 1 gigabyte of Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram access costs only *half* the price of buying 100 megabytes of general internet access.

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That last video was still squeezed by the anamorphic lens, here the desqueezed version (I need to tweak my anamorphic video app, the output is much lower quality than the source):

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