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Ex developer and application administrator, currently learning penetration testing on my own. I enjoy low & sustainable tech, minimal art, and care about decentralization and what the web once was.

Also used to be an illustrator / comic artist and still draw from time to time.

Glad to join this community and get inspired from all of you :)

Goddamn heatwave is draining all my energy :moar:

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Tempted to use links2 99% of the time so I can avoid most distractions online. Browsing plain HTML is so refreshing.

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"When you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow & exclude people. So create."

I will probably not have time to tinker with plan9, but I do enjoy passively learning about it thanks to this instance. :glenda:

Mental health & tech 

It's why I'm not replying to friends in time, why I'm not finishing that book I'm really enjoying, why I'm not tinkering with projects I find interesting.

Definitely have to work on this.

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Mental health & tech 

Had a panic attack today that finally settled.

Even when all notifications are disabled on my devices, I'm still stuck in what I'd call "unfinished hell".
I'm unable to clear my head when working on something, everything I put aside is swirling around and I end up thinking about everything at the same time, all the time. It's a mess.

One vicious side effect besides analysis paralysis is that every enjoyable but unfinished task becomes daunting for no reason. I hate this.

24 hours-long headache finally subsiding... damn.

@irimi1 @plknkl @gueorgui @l3kn @changbai @neauoire Thanks everyone for sharing your insights :) Seems like those impressions are very common overall, I shouldn't let it bother me and just enjoy mixing several languages into my stream of consciousness.

Really thankful to be part of this community, as always :triangle:

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Polyglots of merveilles and beyond, what was the impact of acquiring another language on your native tongue ?

Mine has been slightly negative and I'm genuinely interested by this. I frequently make up words, try to adapt English words to French in the weirdest ways and take a bit more time to clearly express complex concepts.

It's not too bad and doesn't happen that frequently, but I still find it intriguing. Wondering if those are common side effects or not.

Ported my .vimrc and .zshrc to termux, tweaked a lot of things and made home + sysroot backups.

I'm impressed by termux and how easy that was. Things are slower sure, but it's fast enough to work with on a low-end smartphone and the repos got all the necessary packages, including some nice additions like restic.

Perfect solution for editing and coding on the go :)

Temps dropping to ~23°C thanks to the rain. This is so good :triangle:

Gonna fetch that foldable keyboard and try it out, I'm excited to see how much I can work with this thing :)

Conveying a message, being toxic 

Form is just as important as substance because poison is always poison, no matter how right you are.

In other words, saying the truth doesn't give you any more pass for being rude than being wrong.

This fallacy was so prevalent in past workplaces and interactions that I can't even begin to recollect all memories of it. It's also why I don't follow so many people sharing similar ideals than mine, sadly.

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I remember snorkeling, and suddenly stopping to swim. Just to let myself float, to let myself be one with the sea.

There is listening to silence, and then there is gazing into the vastness of the underwater world. It feels similar, yet it is incomparable.

Deep Space One is becoming my go-to radio when working / reading / studying. Not engaging enough to distract yourself, yet not slow enough to make you fall asleep, perfect.

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We're stuck on a quarantine dock for 2 weeks after spending 50 days at sea. Some amazing people online has organized for us groceries and other things delivered through the fence of our temporary prison!

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