I wish people would relax about vim proficiency sometimes. You don't have to be above the learning curve to enjoy using it.

It's been my primary text editor since years and I've only learned 2 or 3 tricks that makes me slightly faster, not more.

It's okay to be equally and not more productive with it because at the very least, your hands will stay at the home row and your wrists will thank you 10 years from now.

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@ovelny Who cares whether people hate using Vim? The most important thing is if you enjoy using it and feel productive.

@contrapak It's more about people that might feel deterred from trying it because of the abundance of things you seem to need to learn.

In the end, you're good to go if you have a basic understanding of modes and editing. Most guides online imply that you need to learn a lot more, but you don't.

I'm not a vim evangelist or anything, but I feel like the barrier to entry is really overrated.

@ovelny honestly I know how to copy paste multiple lines and find and replace by regex. That's really all I seem to need.

@ovelny I hate the debates on which program is "the best". Use whatever you like and shut up, lol!

I'm a very basic vim user and know only some basic commands. I like it simply because I don't have to touch the mouse. That's it.

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