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hello, i just moved to this server today so i think a new intro is in order...

my name is paloma, and i am a visual and sonic artist working in electronic media, exploring many different methods over time, including analog signals, digital & code based systems. i'm interested in complexity, chaos, patterns found in nature, feedback systems.

i hope to use this account to share things i'm working on and thoughts as i go, and i also love to see what others are up to!


since i shaved my head in the summer, i've been slowly passing through various awkward phases of growing it out. i think i might have just reached "k-pop band member"

looking for suggestions of things that run on clockwork pi gameshell! 

i have recently come into possession of a clockwork pi gameshell that was left behind by my previous roommates.

does anyone have suggestions for what i could run on it, some cute games i could play and things? especially relaxing, slower paced games (or even other types of applications that would run well on it for noodling on the subway). i have various emulators, they could be old games or newer indie games!

The best thing about this place is that there are no ads. I don’t know why this isn’t shouted about far more. I dread looking at my emails because there’s ads all through the damn thing. Ads everywhere on Twitter and Instagram. It’s a routine ugliness, a chore we’ve been told we must endure. But it’s not true.

and here is me showing students how to use video mixer feedback, slide wipe, and a camcorder to do something sort of like slit scan.

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andrei and i did a video feedback / mixing demo for design engineering students as visiting artists at nyu yesterday, they have a new analog video lab there that our friend monica panzarino who teaches there helped set up ! i hope these students will continue the weirdness. apparently they want to start an a/v club.

figuring out ways to document yoga asana pose sequences. today i am drawing out these little people for visual reference.

i might try to draw some better ones to scan and use as glyphs, but for now drawing them out is better since it's helping me memorize the sequence, which i'll be practicing leading tonight.

trying to figure out an aesthetic and low bandwidth friendly way to embed video art in a webpage, but i'm feeling a bit at a loss for how to proceed.

i could simply use the html video embed but i'm concerned about not being able to adapt to low bandwidth scenarios, or else having to transcode many different quality versions on my end.

in the past i have used vimeo, and it still stands out as an ok option since they offer a no-tracking option, but i am also going for low budget here...

i have a new system in my notebook where i keep all my daily logs on their own pages (instead of interspersed with other things i write and draw). whenever i start a new one i draw some logs at the top, this is my favorite so far

my most played tracks on my phone's mp3 library (from my phone's 4 year lifetime so far - my data is not separated by year.)

deerhoof - ay that's me
sun araw - spurs
meitei - oiran i

there was also a 20 second intro from this album that was throwing off the stats, but i listen to the whole album often on my bike speaker:
the klf - chill out

one of the biggest differences between here and other platforms that i have used in the past is that, if your post includes a url link to a page on a website you've made, there is a high chance people will actually follow it.

it might sound like a small thing, but it is a completely different paradigm. this way the internet can actually function as an interconnected web instead of a walled garden.

🖼️ 🎨 instagram has ruined the art world. what now? 🔗 🌐

feat. myself and @kim

image description because i forgot to put one:
photo of a cluster of potted plants inside a shelf lined with reflective mylar. on the left, a large blue spiky agave plant is draping its leaves over the other plants. on the right, smaller cacti, succulents, and little spiky aloes are growing.

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this past weekend, i did some a/v jams in the phase space basement with my partner andrei and our friends cskonopka & cable_visions. i got out my XYZ scope and generated patterns onto it with max/msp (haven't played around with oscillocgraphics in a while!)

i also noodled around on the digitakt and continuumini, while my friends played various synths and resampled strange phrases from old coast to coast AM radio show episodes. good times were had all around.

i drew this today while listening to a long podcast.

i haven't made a full page drawing in a while, my new notebook is inspiring a sense of freshness.


i hope this will be my last post in this thread! today was my last day of isolation. i will still be masked around others, but i am no longer confined to my little office/studio room!

i am mostly better except for a lingering pain in the joints of my right leg. i feel that it will likely linger for a while. but i'm mostly able to exercise and stretch normally, and doing yoga and biking seemed to be good for it.

i'm glad it wasn't worse, but still relieved to be on the tail end.

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i've been listening to the audiobook version of "entangled lives" by merlin sheldrake while falling asleep lately. it's a meandering book about fungi and various tangential topics, and it is pleasingly nonlinear, which also makes it a good bridge into the dream realms.

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