hello, i just moved to this server today so i think a new intro is in order...

my name is paloma, and i am a visual and sonic artist working in electronic media, exploring many different methods over time, including analog signals, digital & code based systems. i'm interested in complexity, chaos, patterns found in nature, feedback systems.

i hope to use this account to share things i'm working on and thoughts as i go, and i also love to see what others are up to!

@palomakop welcome to town Paloma 👋 I'm glad you finally decided to join us.

@neauoire thanks very much to you and the other merveillans for the warm welcome today. i'm very happy to be here :)

@palomakop hello paloma :3 welcome to the town! this piece is dope!!

@palomakop Welcome! That is some super nice trippy art. UwU

@palomakop welcome! nice to have some scanlines friends in town.

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