i am learning to type on a new dvorak keyboard layout on a new split keyboard with no labels on the keys -- which seems sort of diabolical since it takes forever to do anything on my computer now, and i have several time sensitive projects ongoing. but, i know it's the only way i will learn it, i had to put my previous keyboard (a non programmable querty board that also has blank keycaps) away in a drawer.

@palomakop haha, I switched to Dvorak in the middle of writing an academic paper, my PhD supervisor wasn't exactly impressed! 😂

But at the time I was getting pains in my hands from trying to write more of the paper quickly, I was already down to about a paragraph a day with all the breaks I had to take. Dvorak plus touch-typing properly allowed me to keep the life I had built up.

It did take a while before muscle memory allowed me to type words other than “hhhh”, “uuuu” and “huhu” though 😅

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