finally received my custom built handpan a few days ago! it is really fun to play (and i am going to play it at a show next week along with a contact mic and granular processing with my modular synth).
beyond that, it looks really nice. like a hand-hammered cosmic turtle shell.

@palomakop wow, looks great! have you been liking its sound?

@sejo yes! i need to make some recordings soon to share :)

@palomakop uff those handpans are so beautiful that i wish i wasn't so much an hardcore minimalist on owning things

@palomakop sounds like a great plan! please share footage of the show if you'll feel so inclined. And toi toi toi for that!!

@palomakop granular processed custom handpan sounds like a computer generated sentence but I'm glad to know it's rooted in reality. Have fun!

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