more handpan noodlings.
not sure how to explain it but i feel like i finally found 'my instrument' :)
i love playing synths but it feels important to me to have an acoustic instrument to build a close rapport with, i have dabbled in many but never felt quite at home.
we have some random instruments around the house that we use for sampling but i never felt so connected to any of them that i wanted to play them every day.

@palomakop I can totally relate, that's pretty much how I experience my RAV Vast :) Interestingly, it makes me appreciate my gear even more. In an odd way, owning a "simple" acoustic instrument I actually enjoy playing widened my perspective on how I can use DAWs and machines. It kind of brought back the human side of electronic music for me.

@ice yea!! plus you can use them to process the handpan or play them together and it's dope as heck

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