i'm in new orleans now, today i helped put in a raised garden bed next to @liaizon 's treehouse at litter bay

@palomakop @liaizon how did they land a treehouse in New Orleans?

I am doing something wrong in life they seem to always be landing somewhere cool getting something rad for free

@dualhammers @liaizon @palomakop They bought the land for cheap and then picked up free construction materials around and built it up.

@hypolite @liaizon @palomakop I didn't know there was cheap land you could build funky on in New Orleans. This intrigues me

Here in Missoula every plot is now 150-300k

@dualhammers @hypolite @palomakop There is actually cheap land in many places but you have to get it on auction. this plot is in a weird area that doesnt have many police or inspectors so I am building "illegal" style

@liaizon @palomakop what's your mid to long term plan? I read recently nola is not long for being above water

@dualhammers @palomakop nola isnt going anywhere. its been pumping and draining the water out for 300 years its not about to stop now

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