if there is one thing i can say about the video recording session i did yesterday it is that i did not let such small minded concepts as "being prepared" get in my way

here is an excerpt. the video signal was kind of noisy but i decided not to do anything about it because it actually added some interesting texture. but i will try to test out some ground loop isolation to see if it helps next time i play around.

this will be part of a visual feed for a live audio performance that some friends of mine are doing in august. i can't be there in person but i did record the visuals live so they are a parallel performance displaced in both space and time.

@palomakop there is parsec a low latency screenshareing software for gaming. If you decide to do it with them live. The visual looks cool btw. ;)

@palomakop I did a few gigs remotely during Covid, it works really good.

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