at the herb shop, i got some herbs for a new witchy tea blend: lobelia, mugwort, mullein, eyebright, and lavender.

i also grabbed this powder thing labeled: "mushroom coffee: chaga, lion's mane, cordyceps." i thought it was a coffee substitute, but it turns out this one has actual instant coffee as an ingredient. my current routine doesn't include caffeinated beverages, so i'm on the fence whether to try it and potentially get super buzzed, or just give it to someone else.

i just had my first cup of witchy tea. it was strong and lightly psychoactive, probably mostly due to the lobelia. it made me feel unexpectedly energized, but it was very bitter. this tea would not be good for when one is having a sensitive stomach.


apparently lobelia can be toxic (and even fatal at 4 grams). and can cause nausea. definitely explains why my stomach felt a bit unsettled.

fun at low doses in a tea though!

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