i finally moved my personal notes all into obsidian!

it took me a day and that included figuring out how to use it and get it to sync because i have never used it before. turned out to be pretty easy. then had to fix some formatting issues and now it's all done and looking beautiful.

if only my hard drive organization project could be so quick, but alas i still have 1.5tb of data to bring into my new organization structure. then once i finish that, i will finally start making a new website :)

here is my cute little node graph constellation, it's almost symmetrical.

@palomakop congrats on moving to #obsidian! I have been loving it lately, though I need a faster computer now cause this is what my graph looks like now lol

@liaizon wow that looks like some sort of fungal growth!

what i'm using it for is pretty simple and streamlined, and im not necessarily saving an archive of past notes. so my graph is pretty hierarchical rather than interconnected-wiki-nest mode.

@palomakop what are you doing with past notes? just deleting them? this is mostly huge cause I imported all 2500 of my contacts that had notes in them into it with the help of @notplants writing a python script for/with me


@liaizon the notes i have in here are mostly the type where i continually edit and update them, rather than creating new notes. but my journal entries are "orphans" so they don't show in the main graph. other than that, this will probably grow a little over time as i do more projects and add recipes and reference docs and stuff, but for things i write or doodle as a thinking aid, i mostly use a physical notebook. (which i also usually don't keep archives of either.)

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