i am feeling a bit angsty today and have some half-formed thoughts about creative projects and how i'd like to approach them differently. but i'm not sure if i have the energy right now to see the train of thought through. ah well, i'll just let it keep gestating i suppose.

seems like my sour mood yesterday was a prelude to getting sick with a sore throat again -_-

ah well, i really do have some pent up ideas and energy that i'm sure will manifest into something exciting once i have my energy back. i will burst out of being sick like a butterfly out of its chrysalis, lol.

in the meantime, a bit of rest and tea and more video games.


i went to the clinic today, and it turns out that i have covid -_-

i was supposed to do a visiting artist workshop this week at a college, they already booked my travel and lodging, and i had to cancel it. my collaborators who were going to come with my were also exposed. so it's a bit of a bummer, but i hope i can reschedule.

other than that, i have to figure out how to isolate as best as we can in a house of four.

i escaped it for so long, i guess my time had come...


i am mostly feeling better, except for some fatigue and some muscle aches that actually feel like i got bruised or did some sort of crazy excercise. particularly my right quad feels super sore. it's interesting because i had a similar reaction to the vaccines: a lasting soreness in my muscles and joints, particularly on one side.

at least i've got like 95% of my mental energy back.. i can do more interesting things with my isolation time.

also, my partner tested positive today :(



i hope this will be my last post in this thread! today was my last day of isolation. i will still be masked around others, but i am no longer confined to my little office/studio room!

i am mostly better except for a lingering pain in the joints of my right leg. i feel that it will likely linger for a while. but i'm mostly able to exercise and stretch normally, and doing yoga and biking seemed to be good for it.

i'm glad it wasn't worse, but still relieved to be on the tail end.

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