just checking into the mastodon timeline for a brief bit of insomnia scrolling. feels like i have many little windows into what others on here are doing or thinking about. makes me feel a bit more at ease somehow. hopefully sleep will arrive soon

@exquisitecorp looks like a fun time! some friends of mine are playing the june edition of this i believe -- sadly i can not participate because i am trying not to overcommit for once this month -_-

i'm in new orleans now, today i helped put in a raised garden bed next to @liaizon 's treehouse at litter bay

@forteller scary to think of going down a steep hill due to the weight distribution

leaving tomorrow for new orleans for a week! looking forward to visiting @liaizon and helping build some shit on their land plot.

@liaizon ok, for now i would suggest a rubbing alcohol wipedown, aloe, and patience. but i will look at it when i see you

a short excerpt of the collaborative ambient a/v set i did a couple weeks ago at the phase space show!
there was much reaction diffusion, symmetry, gurgling noises and hunching over synthesizers.

finally updated my website with some info about the recent Phase Space show!

just trying to be a human being, sometimes on the internet, but mostly not.

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