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sometimes, to find an alternate future we need to first retrace a bit into the past.

it's a pretty sweet toy, the screen is animated by a lenticular filter.

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it was nice to be out on the water today. now i am in a strange house where i am cat sitting in the woods next to this lake, and it's a bit weird because i don't know the people whose house it is.

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another wip from this music video project, very abstracted footage of hands operating a modular synthesizer.

work in progress for a music video, an analog video feedback mode that i nicknamed "topographical mode"

i finished importing my books from the last few years into ... seems like a nice platform for keeping track of readings. i don't usually write reviews or rate books but maybe now i'll have a reason to try sometime.
currently taking a course on buddhism so many of my recent readings are related to this.
cc @liaizon thanks for showing me this platform.

made some good progress on my portable pi setup yesterday. i only care about cable management to the extent that the whole thing fits in the box when not in use.

there is no internal battery, when away from mains power i plan to use it with a large multipurpose external battery that can be charged by a solar panel.

textures seen on today's rainy walk...

i had planned to work on a video project this weekend but ended up using the majority of my energy on cleaning our entire house. we had a roommate changeover and a big communal meal. the house vibes are very strong.

i'd like to be more open & active on this social medium but i also want to be deliberate about how i spend my time, taking breaks from being near screens is important. still figuring this out.

hello, i just moved to this server today so i think a new intro is in order...

my name is paloma, and i am a visual and sonic artist working in electronic media, exploring many different methods over time, including analog signals, digital & code based systems. i'm interested in complexity, chaos, patterns found in nature, feedback systems.

i hope to use this account to share things i'm working on and thoughts as i go, and i also love to see what others are up to!


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