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my practice setup in the basement, with handpan and modular, for our NEW DELUSION set for a show we are having at our house tomorrow. if it keeps raining we might have to have the show in the basement too, but if the weather clears up we will have it in the garage. 🤞

i have attained decent confidence in typing on my split keyboard with the dvorak layout and blank keycaps, which i use at my desktop computer daily. i also wanted to be able to use a similar layout with my portable computers, so i created this layout for the "preonic" ortholinear keyboard that i've been using with my raspberry pi. i figured labeled keycaps would be helpful since i will be using this one less often, and it turns out they look pretty nice too.

i updated my now page (which i do about once a month):
i don't keep an archive of past versions or anything, but it's interesting to see which things appear or disappear each month, and which things stay the same.

our first big harvest of mushrooms that we grew in our house. we are making home made pasta to go with them for dinner 🍄✨

a small recording of my handpan. i am waiting for a stand that i ordered in the mail, to hold it up while i play, it's a bit too big to hold easily on my lap.

we are beginning to get some growth on our mushroom blocks! blue oyster and shiitake.

finally received my custom built handpan a few days ago! it is really fun to play (and i am going to play it at a show next week along with a contact mic and granular processing with my modular synth).
beyond that, it looks really nice. like a hand-hammered cosmic turtle shell.

self-e w/ eye contact 

i shaved off my hairs!
feels fresh. 🌱

today i finally got a customized controller set up for one of my video devices: r_e_c_u_r by @cyberboy666 (
it's made from a 5x5 key mechanical macro pad running QMK firmware.
before this, i'd been using a full sized computer keyboard turned sideways. this is so much more compact!
i need to write up more details on the forum soon.

i am learning to type on a new dvorak keyboard layout on a new split keyboard with no labels on the keys -- which seems sort of diabolical since it takes forever to do anything on my computer now, and i have several time sensitive projects ongoing. but, i know it's the only way i will learn it, i had to put my previous keyboard (a non programmable querty board that also has blank keycaps) away in a drawer.

From Computer Graphics and Art - Vol. 1, 2 May, 1976

> The magazine of interdisciplinary computer graphics for professional graphics people and computer artists.

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it seems like many people talk about "multitasking" but few talk about its forgotten yet powerful opposite, "monotasking"

tested out the portable pi setup with this solar powered battery pack. at current consumption (about 10 watts) it says i have over 40 hours of use left :) i can fully recharge the battery in about 2 days of good sunlight.
also, i am having fun playing with in during the battery test.

"he broke the camera in by sending it good vibes, by loving it, by psyching out the media"

(from The East Village Other, July 30, 1969)

Frank Gillette: A videotape freak argued that the image on his viewfinder in a portable camera had been bettered by him feeding the camera good vibes.

Ira Schneider: In fact, we looked through it and it seemed it was right. It was better.

Frank: It was certainly the best viewfinder image I’ve ever seen in a videotape camera, and his claim was that he broke the camera in by sending it good vibes, by loving it, by psyching out the media and changing the image. An ideology can be built for better electronics through metaphysics.

sometimes, to find an alternate future we need to first retrace a bit into the past.

it's a pretty sweet toy, the screen is animated by a lenticular filter.

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it was nice to be out on the water today. now i am in a strange house where i am cat sitting in the woods next to this lake, and it's a bit weird because i don't know the people whose house it is.

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