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and here is a brief clip from our performance. the show went smoothly and it seemed that good times were had by all.

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a bit more practicing before i pack up my stuff to head the the venue shortly.

things are getting pretty gooey here...

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tomorrow will be the last show i play for a while. i need a break, to do other things!

it should be a fun one though. i'm doing visuals for a modular synth performer who will be sending me control voltages, which i will use to control my modified 1990s video mixer (which will be running many wacky feedback loops as usual). it's refreshing to work with someone who doesn't just think of visuals as a background for their music. (i also did a music video for him recently:

after devouring all 6 earthsea books in the last 3 weeks i am starting in on this.

i made this tiny pixel version of a sigil that i drew a week or two ago. it's cute ^-^

there's a certain joy in having a great session playing music by yourself and recording none of it.

here is my favorite piece that came out of this weekend's tie-dyeing. it is a lightweight cotton shawl for summer.

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also, i have really been devouring the earthsea books over the last two weeks. currently on number 5 out of 6. they are really a breath of fresh air after reading dense nonfiction for a long stretch.

we did some tie-dyeing clothing in earth tone colors today. very excited to wash them out tomorrow and see the results. (and to do some more dyeing with brighter colors this friday.)

i'm always happy to see people referencing my master's thesis in electronic arts in their own works and theses and sharing the links with each other :)

thanks to print-on-demand, it's still possible to order a physical book from many places around the world. and as always the pdf can be accessed for free.

after sitting silently for 30 minutes i feel filled with life

at the dentist's office trying to focus on my ebook while a TV blares a reality show. it's sort of good concentration practice in a way, like trying to meditate near a construction site.

i have decided to work on improving my spanish language fluency (mostly for family reasons). if anyone knows of any good resources, especially interesting things to read/watch/listen, let me know :)

just checking into the mastodon timeline for a brief bit of insomnia scrolling. feels like i have many little windows into what others on here are doing or thinking about. makes me feel a bit more at ease somehow. hopefully sleep will arrive soon

i'm in new orleans now, today i helped put in a raised garden bed next to @liaizon 's treehouse at litter bay

leaving tomorrow for new orleans for a week! looking forward to visiting @liaizon and helping build some shit on their land plot.

a short excerpt of the collaborative ambient a/v set i did a couple weeks ago at the phase space show!
there was much reaction diffusion, symmetry, gurgling noises and hunching over synthesizers.

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