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i just had my first cup of witchy tea. it was strong and lightly psychoactive, probably mostly due to the lobelia. it made me feel unexpectedly energized, but it was very bitter. this tea would not be good for when one is having a sensitive stomach.

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at the herb shop, i got some herbs for a new witchy tea blend: lobelia, mugwort, mullein, eyebright, and lavender.

i also grabbed this powder thing labeled: "mushroom coffee: chaga, lion's mane, cordyceps." i thought it was a coffee substitute, but it turns out this one has actual instant coffee as an ingredient. my current routine doesn't include caffeinated beverages, so i'm on the fence whether to try it and potentially get super buzzed, or just give it to someone else.

organizing my hard drive systems in parallel with organizing my brain. (it's not a coincidence.)

i spotted this cool looking insect today, apparently it is a spotted lanternfly which is invasive

actually no, we do have a clip of the liquid part of the experiments, thanks to andrei (my partner and collaborator)!

i uploaded it on the scanlines peertube since it's a bit longer.

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a snippet of video practice for our performance as REALITY ORP!

i also experimented with live liquids (as in, psychedelic liquid light show techniques) last night and running them through my analog video processes, and it looked super cool!!! however i don't have footage of that part since it required both hands ... it's something i've wanted to try for a long time and now that i've finally tried it out, i realize it's very feasible to incorporate into my existing methods.
super exciting ^-^

we were practicing in the basement last night for our performance as REALITY ORP. my table is on the left, and my partner is on the right playing fretless electric guitar with lots of WAH!

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we created this flyer for our upcoming show at phase space, MERCURALIA!

if anyone is in brooklyn/nyc, this should be a fun time. i am cooking up some new audiovisual performance techniques involving live liquids (something i have not tried before, i have used footage of liquids that i recorded in advance, so we'll see how it works out 😅)

there is also more info on my website:

every so often, i have dumped all the images on my phone into a folder on my hard drive, for p much as long as i've owned a smartphone. so currently, i am trying to organize everything (everything!!) on my hard drive. the phone pictures are the hardest to wrangle, i went through 25k of them already, and just found 16k more. i will never again do something so disrespectful to my future self as put 2 years of unculled images into a single folder. but alas, nothing to do now but continue the quest.

i uploaded some diagrams i really enjoyed, from an article in Polyphony magazine, 1981 about performing in collaboration with tape machines, to this channel:

these still apply to and inform my process for both video and audio today, despite being written 40 years ago :)

i am starting a new a/v project with my partner called "reality orp"

we are preparing for a pretty elaborate and wacky multimedia performance for later this month that i'm very excited about.

the project name is inspired by a falling apart sign on an abandoned realtor's office that i used to pass often on the bus.

we have a guest-led workshop here at phase space today about how to make psychedelic liquid light shows. i am excited that we will have some leftover supplies and equipment from that so i can try out combining those techniques with analog video processing.

right now though, it's time for a nap. i've had a *very* long last couple of days.

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just some slowly breathing wiggles.

i did some more tests today, tried to decrease the noise in my signal. turns out the actual amount of noise is pretty low but the processing i am doing on the signal is making it much more noticeable. i tried putting this little ground loop isolator device in the chain and it did nothing. so i've made peace with the noise and i will work with it rather than against.

here is an excerpt. the video signal was kind of noisy but i decided not to do anything about it because it actually added some interesting texture. but i will try to test out some ground loop isolation to see if it helps next time i play around.

this will be part of a visual feed for a live audio performance that some friends of mine are doing in august. i can't be there in person but i did record the visuals live so they are a parallel performance displaced in both space and time.

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if there is one thing i can say about the video recording session i did yesterday it is that i did not let such small minded concepts as "being prepared" get in my way

in my perfect fantasy i would use something like this (but of course i was trying not to obtain any new (old) objects for this purpose)

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i was able to connect my mechanical keyboard to my 2016 ipad for use as a writing device away from my desktop.
it just took some tweaks to the qmk firmware (used tips from this article:
and all my text-editing shortcuts work on the mobile operating system. satisfying...
i stopped writing regularly for a few months, it actually became a somewhat compulsive and unhelpful thing for me at one point. but it feels time to start again now, so i will try to find a good rhythm.

found this self perpetuating system during today's experiments. the sound is from a past version of a musical performance that i'm collaborating on the next iteration of.

Speaking of cryptocurrencies and #web3, if you have not read @pluralistic 's piece "Moneylike", read it now:

It does a great job of synthesizing Graber's "Debt. The first 5000 years" into a few paragraphs, and then builds on that to explain why the whole push for "web3" is happening. And why it's a problem.

If that makes you want to read "Debt...", all the better!

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