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our garbage can in our kitchen (which is a crappy plastic thing we found on the street) had broken. specifically the foot pedal function to lift the lid without hands. a plastic piece underneath that served as the lever had cracked and broken apart, so i fixed it and reinforced it with zip ties, wire, and a butter knife that i bent into the right shape. hope it holds until i leave this apartment next spring. satisfying to repair things that were never meant to be user-serviceable.

experimenting with creating randomness in timing with modular synth, using noise->sample and hold->comparator.
sounds pretty weird so far.

hydra video synth meetup #7 is this Saturday!

featuring talks by Karen Palacio and Sky Goodman
see you at 15:00UTC 💅🐌

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(sketch by markdenardo / flyer by ritchse)

i just finally got the chance to listen back to a sick handpan + looper + granular processing jam from this past weekend.

turns out i didn't press record properly :( so there was no file on the SD card of my recorder.

ah well ... i guess it was just a good practice sesh, and an even better lesson in making sure i actually start my recordings.

here is my cute little node graph constellation, it's almost symmetrical.

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i finally moved my personal notes all into obsidian!

it took me a day and that included figuring out how to use it and get it to sync because i have never used it before. turned out to be pretty easy. then had to fix some formatting issues and now it's all done and looking beautiful.

if only my hard drive organization project could be so quick, but alas i still have 1.5tb of data to bring into my new organization structure. then once i finish that, i will finally start making a new website :)

walking around a park in upper manhattan with a friend today, we came across this strange fruit. i cut it open and the sap from inside was so sticky that i had to clean my knife with alcohol.

at this place i went on retreat last week, they had a huge rug with these cute strange ribbon creatures floating around on it, and i love them.

my most earnest vibe of today is "the statue got me high" by they might be giants

i found a comparison that someone did of water and olive oil,

after doing my first performance with live liquids last night i'm feeling emboldened to try out live cymatics for a performance (and then colorizing them with analog video synths)??? maybe will test some things out...

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i took this photo of reflections of lights on the surface of some oils (jojoba oil and essential oils) that i was mixing vigorously in a metal bowl, and it was making these neat looking trails. makes me want to try doing cymatics with a more viscous liquid like this.

from yesterday's practice with liquids for our performance as REALITY ORP -- candle dye spreading through mineral oil, after being dripped in and then left untouched for several minutes. it makes a really cool veiny fractal pattern!

apparently lobelia can be toxic (and even fatal at 4 grams). and can cause nausea. definitely explains why my stomach felt a bit unsettled.

fun at low doses in a tea though!

Show thread has been bothering me for a few days since I read it, and I think I now understand why.

> Facebook has an interface problem: people won’t affirmatively click on the things they actually deep down want to watch

> TikTok’s interface eliminates this problem

The shifting rhetoric from, "ads tailored to you" to, "ads for _some part of you_." is social engineering reminiscent of

Deeply disheartening. The whole point of GPT/DALL-E is hacking our Ids.

i just had my first cup of witchy tea. it was strong and lightly psychoactive, probably mostly due to the lobelia. it made me feel unexpectedly energized, but it was very bitter. this tea would not be good for when one is having a sensitive stomach.

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