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Here's my little multifunction board. DIN midi, USB midi, 6 pots, 2 pushbuttons, audio out.

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@falktx has been doing some incredibly valuable, dedicated and important work in the work of #LinuxAudio / #FLOSS audio over the years, in particular with the #KXStudio project.

If you rely on these tools, or even just feel like helping, please consider a donation.

falkTX talks about the difficulties in keeping development going on his free time in this post from last month:

You can choose from a variety of ways to donate here:

Thanks! 💚

2020 in brief (2/2):
- released Hachi, euclidean drum machine for monome norns (
- played live at the Torino Jazz Festival (
- played live with a-symmetric (
- released Novembeat (
- released automs70, an automation system for MS-70 multieffect (

no plans for 2021 (yet)

2020 in brief (1/2):

- released as open source the Protean-Motion Texture Source (
- released XOX, a drum module for Teensy (
- developed my personal orca-c version with customized midi CC (
- developed my own Livebeats, a livecoding enviroment (

I added automs70 to the norns script catalog.
It's a script to automate the parameters of the MS-70 CDR multieffect and can also be used to automate up to nine midi parameters. GUI in pure merveilles style 😄

During november, for , I've recorded this 30 tracks album:

They are very short pieces, like ideas, experiments, some of them can be used as aid to relax or meditation (perharps).

I'm playing with a diy monome norns, starting to learn lua and other stuff. Softcut studies are a good place to start. Modifying the third example I've created Brahma, a random looper/sample player with audio input. Funny as hell!


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