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Ok so this little bundle of tracks is finished.

The tracks are now in the sequence that I would prefer you hear them in.

Can't help but toy around with the idea of making a nice risograph printed booklet of the code for all of these as part of a C60 x 2 cassette release. That would have to be more of a zine + tape kind of thing.

That sounds like a lot of work, so you know, it might not happen. Proly enough noise out there to last us, but... we'll see.

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today i added a feature to folderkit that let you delay all the received messages by a little amount (from 0 to 1 orca frame time), this amount controlled by sending messages to /w

so now i can have shuffle timings by sequencing messages to /w

The final result of this year is this album.
I hope you like it, comments and donations are welcome (but free downloads will make me happy too).

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/ Day 30

Something chill and synthwavy to finish the month. This was a very nice challenge and I'm glad I stick to it until the end. It gave me a lot more confidence and unlocked me from the creative block I was in.

I may not have been happy with all I've made, but I put in the work everyday and had a lot of fun.

Now that I don't have to try to produce something everyday I'll try to stick to my routine and finalize some of the ideas created throughout the month.

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This #noisevember explores different kinds of noise and crackles through bandpass filters.
Not as overtly saturated. Has dynamics.
Rifts, cascades, debris of different sizes falling at different speeds.

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I understood that years of experience and a selection of sounds and techniques allow me to record a track every day. Unfortunately, poor concentration and mental laziness lead me to very short recordings.
That said, I had a lot of fun this and enjoyed spending time listening to other participants' tracks.
It would be time to start , except that many of my pieces are already in that direction and I risk repeating myself too much.
Many thanks to the people who support me!

I strongly suggest you to DM or to send me an email at pangrus[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested in buying a multi.
This place isn't a good place to share personal informations.

Anyway, price is 150$ including shipping worldwide, payment through paypal!

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