2020 in brief (2/2):
- released Hachi, euclidean drum machine for monome norns (
- played live at the Torino Jazz Festival (
- played live with a-symmetric (
- released Novembeat (
- released automs70, an automation system for MS-70 multieffect (

no plans for 2021 (yet)

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Nice, I've had a look at Hachi, enjoyed it! Any plans for more norns scripts?

@mikekelly I'm going to write a script to generate i-ching hexagrams and related drone sounds but the idea is in the embryonic stage

@pangrus sounds interesting – I'm enjoying the sound of the Sines script just now but it would be nice to extend it in different ways. I am just tinkering at the edges of other people's scripts for now, too many hardware projects to finish up in my spare time.

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