Here's my little multifunction board. DIN midi, USB midi, 6 pots, 2 pushbuttons, audio out.

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@pangrus beautiful! would love to read more on how you made it / how it is used!

@metasyn it's a shield for the Seeeduino XIAO, I designed the pcb using KiCad. On the midi side, it can be a USB to DIN converter, a controller, a midi recorder - sequencer. The XIAO has a DAC output usable for audio generation. I'm using the Mozzi library for this purpose. And bytebeat, equations with 6 parameters synched to midi (well, this is a WIP). I'll probably release it as open hardware. Since soldering is all through hole, I'll use it for some workshops (finger crossed).

@pangrus that's awesome! I just learned how to solder and made my first schematic on KiCad but still barely know what I'm doing, but this looks like it would be really fun to build

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