I'm playing with a diy monome norns, starting to learn lua and other stuff. Softcut studies are a good place to start. Modifying the third example I've created Brahma, a random looper/sample player with audio input. Funny as hell!

@neauoire thanks, already studied it... from stem to stern 😄

My personal take to the livebeat coding environment made by g200kg. Just a way to learn some javascript...


If you have a Teensy development board and an audio shield you may try this sketch and lay down some healing beats.


An old project of mine is now open source, I'm pretty sure that some of you will love it. It's a drone-noise box.

I've re-written my website in pure HTML with minimal CSS, in pure brutalist style. I've compressed all the images and removed a silly logo. Now it's super fast and efficient.


Thanks @neauoire and @joshavanier for the inspiration and thanks to every member of this wonderful community.


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