I finally have enough components in place to generate an complete glyph for my brutalist notation system for Gesture.

This doesn't have any actual meaning yet, but it gives a pretty good idea of what things will look like.

The center glyph indicates the value, the diacritical mark tells the behavior, and the left and right corners form a fractional value that conveys duration.


The terminology for describing the components of the glyph/symbol is in flux, but here's what I have today:

Overall, this is called a Gesture Sigil. They are squares that come together and are "threaded" to form a tessellation.

The center symbol depicting a value is known as a "rune".

The things on top are diacritical marks.

The bottom corner symbols are called L-glyphs.

Diacritics and L-glyphs are made up of 4x4 tiles known as radicals.

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