New feature: draggable terminal uniform values. Left/Right for high precision; UP/Down for lower

Working on the "cutting edge" of AI and video editing while sticking to terminal interfaces : )

Today’s PixelSpirit card pull is the BRANCH. Recognizes a common origin while also being new & distinct. Life develops on branches.

a is the language of light, is the tool to speak it.

It complements with any IDE, it's a terminal program, with very little footprint, flexible, scriptable and efficient.
Runs on lot's of different platforms Win/MacOS/Linux, from tiny embed systems like RaspberryPI to a browser through WASM.

GlslViewer v2.1.2 is out! New feature: MP4 and GIF RECORDING from the command console. No need to create PNG sequences anymore (you still can if you want more control)! The command is: 'record,<filename>.gif|mp4,<from_sec>,<to_sec>' . Check it out

New awaited feature in ! VIDEO RECORDING directly from command console. The command is: ‘record,<file name>.mp4,<from_second>,<to_second>’

THE CORE. It reminds us what's important. It's a call to search for the vital center of a moment or a project. By honoring it we gain clarity and appreciation for what it brings: growth from the inside out.

GlslViewer v2.1.0 is out! This minor version release is focused on UX/UI independently on the IDE you use, it brings a more intuitive interface to the command console.
- Command suggestions, use, autocomplete, navigate history, etc makes the discoverability of new commands and patterns easier.
- Uniform explorer, histogram, fps and ms plotters gives you a lot of useful metrics while you work.
- And much more
Try it here Hope you like it!

Working on a `plot,fps` `plot,ms` and `plot,histogram` commands to keep close track of performance or quality while you work on a on .

Adding autocomplete, improving suggestions and lines where error occur to w

Suggestions makes such a difference. NCurses is taking this OpenGL sandbox to the next level... lol

I’m starting to bring my new learnings of ncurses and terminal UI to to improve the command console and it’s already improving the experience, excited for the possibilities

Putting some love to the interface. NCurses is not OpenGL but makes for a really nice portable environment

Got a working the terminal companion app for the OP-Z running on the DevTerm CM3 (Raspberry Pi).

Success! I manage to request, download, decompress and parse an entire OP-Z project through SYSEX. More importantly visualize all the tracks from a pattern at the same time! Next real-time feedback of the status of pattern and active step.

More progress reverse engineering the OP-Z: now successfully downloads all patterns of a projects. Now is time to parse through the notes and steps. Any help figuring this puzzle is wellcome.

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Making solid progress reverse engineering the OP-Z and creating a terminal companion (using ncurses). But seam there are some messages I’m missin… Any idea how to sniff midi between a iOS and the OP-Z? here is the library so far (with some examples like this ncurses companion app )

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