Putting some love to the interface. NCurses is not OpenGL but makes for a really nice portable environment

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@patricio I bet that made you develop a deeper connection with the piece of hardware :>

@neauoire in deed! The OP-Z basically sends chunks of their memory state through SYSEX at the beginning and in particular moments (like when changing projects, patterns, or key events). Lot of parsing and bit masking! Lot of hidden beauty! Have been thinking this was a great first step towards finally learning uxn : )

@JulianOliver beautifully interface and brilliant concept! Love it! Looks like 100% fun to make also. What a joy of an opportunity.

@patricio really neat designs. I'm doing a lot of similar stuff lately. I love the look of industrial control equipment etc. Terminal UI has made me rethink the way i build graphical ui as well. Breaking everything back down into tile-sized shapes is really freeing in a way

@floatvoid exactly. I’m thinking on the debugging features of and I’m going to move forward with complex visual data on OpenGL and strictly numerical variables and strings on the terminal. I want to have fun making the terminal look cooler also : )

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