Gear update: Razer Blade 14, 2022 (AMD® Ryzen 9 6900hx + NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti) running Ubuntu 22.04

The power consumption is great. Prime on-demand works out of the box. When the nvidia GPU is off drains 6.55w (over 10hs of battery) and 50w (1.5hs of battery)


I know this are givens for MacOS/Windows users. But having the laptop go into suspend mode, and adapting between integrated or dedicated GPU are fancy features : )

@patricio OMG yes!! I remember my first go with Linux in 10+ years ago and if my acer laptop went to sleep I couldn’t get it to recover. Plus I never really got audio working 😂. I pretty much compare everything to that and so it all feels absolutely brilliant.

@theowatson @patricio I had an early RazerBlade 14 (I think 1070) prob running ubuntu 14. I shut the lid once thinking it went to sleep, put it in my backpack, and hrs later when I opened the backpack was greeted with the smell of burnt rubber and a wooft of hot air like opening an oven. The laptop had heated so much that the rubber feet had COMPLETELY melted and neoprene case was deformed. Laptop itself had reached max temp & then shut off. But still too hot to touch 😭 😭

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