Find your community. Everything else will work out.

I don't know how many hundreds of dollars I'd pay for a linux distrro with the macOS audio/bluetooth stack.

"You have access to all the worlds information and computational power of dreams but you *must* be indoors and stare at a lightbulb to use it"

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The allure of a display I can comfortably read/program with outside continues to grow.

Try not to overthink it. If the long term consequences are zero then just go with your gut.

Imagine being told that spending money with people you know is xenophobic.

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Hey, I urgently need to move to #berlin, and my flat arrangement just fell through, so I'm looking for a room. Ideally:

- lease at least until July
- with Anmeldung
- near Görlitzer Park (Kreuzberg)
- with lovely people

But I literally need to move in within 10 days, so I'll take anything. LMK if you/someone you know is looking for a mostly quiet, mostly clean, mostly vegan flatmate.

future predictions right now are all over the place. First time in my life that the "general feel" might as well be noise.

Busy weekend on the fediverse. First time I loaded it up and felt disoriented such that couldn’t be fixed scrolling.

Its a nice little way to take control over your browser and your websites.

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Before we had lots of browser extensions, and tons of javascript running every page we had Greasemonkey scripts

An old school browser extension that lets you run bits of javascript that you write or download. Can limit it per domain or even per event.

Can do simple thing or even complex ones. The reddit enhancement suit for example started as a script

AND you get better sound isolation, so you don't need to hear those massive trucks fly around as clearly.

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I wonder if after this Texan's will put more stock in proper home insulation.

I don't really understand why you wouldn't want to make your A/C more efficient and home more comfortable. And truly it isn't that expensive.

Listening to Ludovico Einaudi is like having a constant movie sound track. I don't recall who recommended it but thanks.

> There’s no guarantee this will lead anywhere, that it will grow or thrive or influence culture and thinking as a whole. But the Solarpunk community and its stance make up a positive force in the current struggle… Here’s to the light.

Noting my house is roughly 1k sq fr. So its really not out of the question.

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If I do replace my furnace with a heatpump maybe I can swing auxiliary heat with a small wood stove or pellet stove. Based on the last decade I think a few weeks of brutal cold (ie heat pump fails) and snow are the new norm. Looking just at the last 50 years most of the extreme colds have been in the last 10.

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