Worst gift I ever received was a promise that couldn’t be kept.

Doc says next kid is coming sooner than due date and that means I will either suddenly work on more side projects or go completely dark.

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It’s a nice feeling to notice how you’ve changed over the years, how you’re not stuck in one frame of mind, one ideology, one passion...
There’s a few things I’ve noticed in myself, but a big one that I’m excited about furthering is the progressive switch from individual freedom and action towards more communal freedoms and actions.
It applies to many aspects of our lives, but it’s a notably interesting distinction in the #FLOSS space: people can be proponents of it for very conflicting reasons.

Notes for future Jason: Remove seeds/slimey stuff. Slice against the membranes not with.

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The dehyrdrating process is taking much longer than I was lead to believe for halved romas. GOING on 12 hours and we're still sweaty.

First time dehydrating a bunch of tomatoes. Hopefully this works out!

Zero part of our garden makes sense economically. Until carbon and other externalities are priced in, it is still "cheaper" to buy comparable products shipped here from Italy.

BUT its a ton of fun to do and its nice to know I can still eat wonderful tomatoes year round without contributing to unsustainable system, or if the system goes away.

And we’ve been eating non stop tomatoes and beans and onions and leaks and cucumbers (which we’ve pickled 7jars worth now). And we’ve given so much away. We’ll probably continue giving it away.

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Garden Update: we've canned 12qts of tomatoes. 12qts of tomato soup and we could probably can another 24qts of either with whats on the vine still. Going to try drying some out.

We also got 21small jars of raspberry jam from my grandma's raspberry patch.

Anyone have a recommendation on daily stretches/movements to do to stave off age-related stiffness and pain?

Just Finished the book “The Anthropocene Reviewed” by John Green. And it was a beautiful book. I listened to the audiobook (narrated by John Green) and I would suddenly find myself crying while mowing the lawn.

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Imagining a world where the statement "I don't have sufficient information or understanding to offer an informed opinion on this topic" is commonly heard.

Open, unabashed acknowledgement of ignorance and willingness to listen, read and learn.

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When commodities break, they are easily replaced. When you break a chair, you buy another chair. We know well how to make one thousand chairs. They sit in boxes, lining the warehouses, ready for two-day shipping.

But when the unique breaks, we might mend.


Be careful you don't find yourself becoming the "too smart" engineer who ends up only ever being able able to work alone because you alienate and belittle everyone around you over nothing.

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Could nor be easier to contact your reps. 5calls.org does all the work for you. The biggest blocker to organizing is a lot of existing stuff happens in facebook unfortunately.

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