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I have some INCREDIBLY exciting news. I’m going to be working full time on free software!

Specifically, I have been awarded an EU grant to work on spectrum-os.org, a security-through-compartmentalization-based operating system in the style of Qubes, powered and managed by Nix.


Thinking about setting up a solar/battery powered webhost. Anyone explored this/have any thoughts?

Where is the repo for our mastadon instance? I kinda wanna try adding keyboard shortcuts.

Fits in a nice case. Traveling with my apple trackpad because I’m addicted to nice gestures.

All of this makes me want to jump back to @elementary again though, just works etc.

Also fighting the urge to change .XResources directly and finding nixos options.

I've got nixos dual booting on my mac prettty easily. Currently fighting xserver HiDPI(retina) issues, I don't think I'll ever escape this will I?

Going to dual boot either nix or elementary on my macbook.

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Fediverse admins,

Please block "freefedifollowers.ga", they are spamming massive numbers of fake followers (I've just had 2000 fake followers for example).

#Fediverse #Spam

Nixos looks nice but I will probably just end up using elementary os to skip all the setup.

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Libre game fans,

#SuperTuxKart and @Minetest are examples of good, well-maintained libre games.

Do you know any others you would recommend?

#Games #Gaming #FLOSS #FOSS #Libre

Need to find more beneficial ways of improving recall like this.

Been spending 10ish minutes a morning brushing up on regexes and type script and I have to admit this feels like leveling up.


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Merveille Town :cooldog: :
- "look I'm coding my own image editor"
- "I remade my website using this cool decentralized tech"
- "I draw cute rabbits as mascots to my programs"
- "I divided by zero the space continuum"

Me :ouroboros: :
- I guess I can't postpone this static CMS upgrade any more, wtf why did this changed so much, wait do I really have to update manually those 230 files, no I can automate it I'm sure *2 hours later*, well I guess I'm gonna update them manually, ah ah ah...

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Personal finance advice 

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