Elementary does this but with many tweaks and annoyances. And I'm constantly told to "report the bugs" which links me to a new github issue.

Then later I get sub-tweeted from the devs about being too demanding that the stuff they ship, *checks notes* functions at all with a normal scenario.

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I should be clear this is my daily driver, needs to mostly just work once setup.

Also feel free to give me suggestions or comments or tips.

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Help me choose my next linux desktop setup.

Runs as a home server when I'm not using it. Currently using elementary and only marginally happy with it.

"To advance, we need new ways to limit ourselves."

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You reap what you code ferd.ca/you-reap-what-you-code

"Ivan Illiches introduces the concept of an "oppressive" monopoly; if we look at societies that developed for foot traffic and cycling, you can generally use any means of transportation whatsoever and effectively manage to live and thrive there. Whether you live in a tent or a mansion, you can get around the same."

I know kiefer isn't vegan but it has helped me keep the gastrointestinal problems away.

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Occasional kiefer + protein + collagen + spirulina + green tea + potato start + creatine.

You know to keep my microbiome going strong.

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When left to my own devices I am fully vegan. But like a super lazy version where all of my meals are peanut butter + bread based.

Every slack channel grow's until it encompasses the entire company.

Tossed some of the leftover chickpeas in olive oil and curry powder then baked at 460 for 20m.

Nice crunchy snack.

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You: "omg i love your bicycle"
Me: "thanks, it has sprockets"

Sometimes all it takes is a little patience with yourself.

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@somnius say if I wanted to fork mastodon to add a feature here in Merveilles, where would we maintain that fork? I see the public repo with site settings etc but if I wanted to tweak the ruby for example.

FYI Discord has 5 engineer's managing their entire chat infrastructure on 400-500machines written in elixir elixir-lang.org/blog/2020/10/0

burned myself by spilling my third cup of coffee. two cups are enough

Tfw When your toot that does numbers has a grammatical error.

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