Which is looking like maybe never due to COVID19.

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Pinebook pro nixos support is growing. Might be ready to go whenever they go back on sale.

Now I'm having thoughts like, I wonder if intel even lets me do stuff with microcode?

I always like GOT IT that yea even ASM is high level language. But now I know.

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I took 4 semesters of Digital Logic, Computer Engineering style courses in college, and it took 8 more years and a 44 video playlist for me to finally appreciate the whole computer. But holy shit I finally get it.


If when watching this any of you have questions, even incredibly basic ones, like whats a truth table, or whats a gate, I'd be happy, to try and provide context.

@neauoire I enjoyed your future coding interview, I definitely have a better context of where you are coming from now.

Pretty wild I hadn’t listened to mcr since highschool. They had some bangers in hindsight.

Ask for recommendations on twitter, get several spammy posts. Ask for recommendations on mastodon, get actual good responses.

Taking book recommendations, fiction, non fiction, literally no restrictions. Whats the last book you read that won't leave your thoughts alone?

Book One: The Lesson goodreads.com/book/show/414590

Good book ultimately about humanity and colonialism. First contact is made on a virgin island and the alien/human race predictably collide.

Overall enjoyed it and kept to my 50page per night average. (With two nights devoted to a rust book).

Son’s fever has broke entirely, mine is mild. So maybe the flu shot worked this year.

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Shorted the promicro on my keyboard with a bad usb cable. Will be repairing that and hopefully fixing my vim config this weekend.

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Steps so far:

1. Generate tree in 3d
2. Generate 2d polygons for each segment
3. Generate polygon outlines
4. Convert polygons to pseudo-3d (same z for all vertices)
5. Convert polygons to triangles / lines
6. Raytrace lines in small steps to remove overlaps

Thinking about switching off of imessage for the group chats. Whats everyone's favorite non-google non-facebook non-apple chat app these days?

Might have jinxed it. Son is sick with another fever and FLUa was confirmed at his day care. And I'm feeling very lethargic, though no fever yet.

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