Worst part about buying a house is finding all the stuff the previous owner half ass diy’d.

Updated the personal website, now including a now page (not very full WIP) played with dito for the new profile pic.

Overall more work todo but cleaning up.

People who can retire but instead work a job you hate. Please stop.

Also would be nice if I didn't need to manually do all the install steps. 2021, life is short, I stopped caring how my partitions are laid out a long time ago.

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Here is what I want: nixos but with the package UX of like ubuntu/arch.

apt install firefox -> updates my nix config (confirms the diff with me) then runs the appropriate commands.

I just don't want to think about nix 99% of the time. but I do want repeatable installs and setups.

Like right now manjaro i3 is clearly in a weird spot and a reinstall would fix a bunch of problems. But I'd need to figure out all the stuff I configured/changed/installed to get it back to working.

Slowly getting reading back into the routine where tv or movies or music would have been. I don’t know if its better or worse tbh but its a nice change for escapism.

If you needed any more reason to sell your crypto currency’s and run away this is it. nature.com/articles/s41558-018

Bitcoin emissions alone could push us above 2C warming.

The Ministry of the Future starts off hard and fast and is just the near future dystopia Merveilles is into.

Hydrology is everything. Now I'm worried whats behind some of the "finished" walls.

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Finally dumped the last load of random old paints, plasters and leftover construction materials from the previous owner. Only took 3 years.

Then I cleaned and treated a bunch of mildew on some cinder block behind those materials.

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The goal of being prepared is that, by having your own shit together, you’re more able to help others.

Sorry for the extra grumpy posting. I shouldn't have read HN today. Always a mistake.

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@peregrine I agree, and want to suggest an additional cases I’ve found helpful, if that’s alright

Maybe they are wrong and you can change your behavior to accommodate them anyway because the stakes are low

Maybe they are wrong and you can adjust so that they have less opportunities to be wrong

Maybe they are wrong and you can tell them graciously because being wrong about this thing isn’t particularly important

Maybe they are wrong and so what?

It costs nothing to apologize to someone. It costs nothing to walk away from a fight. You save no face fighting in the heat of a moment. You have zero upside.

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How to respond when you've said or done something people are calling dumb, in poor taste, mean and or very bad:

You're right, that was dumb|mean|in poor taste|bad. I am sorry. <walk away>

You are probably feeling defensive or mad and angry. Wait for that to pass. Nothing good will come from acting on it. Later its a good idea to reflect on why that interaction happened.

Maybe they are right, maybe you need to change behavior.

Maybe they are wrong, if so change your behavior to avoid them.

Once you've gone through it a couple times your instinct is to ban outright immediately. But most people are not white supremacists, they might have some cultural baggage or poor taste.

And almost everyone will push back on you when called out, the fight gives you the feeling of legitimacy and you reach for the ban.

And it is another reason why you can't suffer the bad and obvious ones. You need the energy to maintain empathy.

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Life in a liberated zone entails:

• Sustainably making and/or finding food
• Sustainably making and developing people as the carriers and creators of productivity, culture, wisdom and technology
• Making meaning: evolving life beyond birth, survival, and death
• Collectively and determinedly defending what we have made


I ran a small community slack for a a niche community in my city. We got one dude who would not stop.

It starts simply enough, some off color remarks, profile pics with guns pointing at you, starting political arguments. Then it ramps up to more and more.

Every time we time we asked him to chill he would stop for a bit and then come back harder and in a new way. Ultimately I quit the slack shortly after banning him permanently because he harassed me outside of slack.

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I don't think people realize why its important to remove white supremacists from your board/forum/web community.

- They are extremely motivated.
- They have a tradition of recruiting via meme(in the classic sense).
- They have centuries of effective propaganda.
- They will take over. Slowly at first then suddenly.
- They will always create more moderation work for you. They will never stop pushing.

Every society struggles with this. And it's not some conspiracy.

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