Absurdism ideas all over, world building literally. Camus would love this game though he might be a little overwhelmed by the absurdities of Kojima’s story telling.

Really enjoying death stranding. Tripple A game where I don't need to be a serial killer, has a story that is totally new(though semi derivative of The Postman), has a bleak story that doesn’t overdo it, and is beautiful is very much my jam.

“Lets make a bicycle for the mind. Great got the quote? lemme go get into my Mercedes I gotta go berate someone.”

Q: Whats the right thing?

A: You'll know it when you see it. If you work to unwind the shit you were indoctrinated into, and start to read a ton of books you'll know.

- if its not consistent, ie doesn't practice what it preaches, its worth a rethink.
- if the smartest most "out there" and/or creative types aren't into it, then there is a good chance its likely worth a rethink.

Take solace, I've now worked for some of the largest fortune 10 companies, subbed for some of the biggest/coolest contracting firms, worked for hot VC funded startups, worked for mid-term enterprises and started my own contracting firm.

Everyone is running by the seat of their pants and totally faking it. Everyone has weird jank they can't fix. Everyone has inertia they can't change course on.

Stop caring what others think. Care what you think. And work on thinking about the right things.

Chat is not a substitute for an organizational structure.

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I'm looking for a place to stay in Berlin during the first few days of December, if you can help, or know someone who could, please let me know :)

Maybe I start collecting used machines off ebay and start fixing my friends laptops.

But 2015 logic boards are going for nearly as much as a new laptops.

Right now the biggest problems for my mbp are 8gb of ram, it crashes hard from time to time, and sometimes the battery doesn't love charging.

So new battery and new logic board might be in my future.

Avoiding putting an order in for that pinebook pro is gonna be tricky. But my mbp2015 still works and will continue to, and when it fails I should be able to repair it. So maybe not.

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> We certainly can’t consume our way out of the environmental crisis by buying metal straws, vegan shoes, and electric cars. But what conscious consumerism has to offer [...] is a constantly growing awareness of the impact our daily lives have on the environment: “It’s a surprisingly engaging and enriching process to think more deeply about each product that has been made or grown for us by considering the chain of events that brought it about.”


(via Kai Brach)

I really love plants and house plants. Also everything is a mess because when you have an infant, if you take even one day off from tidying you are under water.

The stand is 3d printed though I might work on a sturdier setup.

Elementary seems to have regressed when it comes to touchpads :/ gonna try out Pop_OS! and see if they have similar issues

Setting up windows on a laptop for work and this straight up sucks. Linux out of the box 99% of the time work better.

Seriously hard to take anyone suggesting "windows is good now" seriously. macos has serious warts but at least it works.

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