Made some mushroom stock on the stove because I was feeling lazy and didn't wanna get the electric pressure cooker out.

I am regretting it, gotta fiddle with it to keep it simmering, sitting on the stove for hours

Is my brain going to be irrevocably broken from listening to podcasts at 1.5x speed + “smart speed” from overcastfm.

(There is no bad news. One less bad future path has been culled.)

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The good news is the US Supreme Court not only told Oracle to hit the bricks and saved the entire software industry from immense pain, they also significantly weakened copyright law.

It is always funny the geniuses at the big advertising firms only seem to try and sell me shit I already have or stuff I will never buy. No middle ground.

Everytime I do load testing I grow the urge to make my own load testing service that doesn't suck.

I grew up in the midwest where most fetishized "classic cars".

It wasn't till I met an airplane mechanic who didn't and it opened my eyes "yea those cars sucked. Every car from the last 10 years is safer and more reliable, we'd break down regularly on trips."

Same goes for computers, software, books, construction, clothing etc.

Lots of what we build now sucks, some doesn't. We won't know for sure for a long time.

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We should 100% respect old buildings, tools and products that last the test of time but we shouldn't fetishize them. The ones that are around are the very best that was produced at that time, they didn't have some secret sauce in the past to make things good.

Most of what was built in the past was destroyed/recycled/garbaged long ago. And so it goes on forever.

Saw the neighborhood coyote again. My brain always registers it as a loose dog and I'm always too late to grab a photo.

Listening to the Storm Light Archive as an audiobook. Very well narrated and pretty good escapism style reading.

When I first saw this I thought it must be a demo, but not the maniac built it. Its very cool from an industrial design aspect.

To be clear: todo mode basically puts a permanent split with the chosen "todo" application in the right split permanently. Everything else flows normally left of it.

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I've been using Rectangle on my mac lately as a small tiling window manager but I'm really finding useful is "Todo mode".

I keep my daily Journal page up there on the right all day in my main Workspace as a reminder.

I will likely bring this over to i3 configs in the future.

Even if you simply take 4 of these and stack them crudely to get 1440p it would barely be bigger than a thick paperback.

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With how small and elegant this laser mems tech is my brain can’t help but race to imagine the possibilities.

Lasers can be extremely bright. They are solid state and last way longer than bulbs, longer than bright leds. No lens. No fans. No auto focusing. Its a laser its always in focus. True colors and true blacks. Can do 10hrs off of a standard ys. battery backup.

Soon we will see 8k pocket projectors that sip electricity.

Back to keeping a daily journal, with minimal formatting so I can regex it later and pull out info.

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