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I just wanna give a shout out to meld, an incredible tool for exploring diffs and reconciling changes between files or entire directories. Been using it for what feels like my entire life and it's just *so* helpful: meldmerge.org/

SQLITE isn't perfect. But it is very good at what it says it does well. And makes no further promises.

Webkit is bsd and lgpl. Apple supports it and it works well on every ios device and apple machine. Apple is the most valuable company and the world and has every incentive to continue making it good.

If you are worried about only have blink based browsers. If you are worried about firefox dying, if you are worried about having no open source and maintained option. Webkit is here and works. Apple even links to gtk based webkits on the webkit website.

SQLite might be as close to perfect software as it gets.

Okay my home monitor is up. git.sr.ht/~jeregrine/home_moni its elixir and nerves so it can be a little hard to follow at first but I am happy to answer any questions.

NOTE: not doing graphing yet just sql queries.

Maybe I just fork surf away from the fascists over at suckless.

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Elixir Nerves is pretty fucking cool.

I'm remote deploying my code to my entire house from my laptop.

Doing embedded stuff. Querying these little processes.

Using elixir, stuff I know. Not digging through python or c. Just plain ole elixir.

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Also got sqlite working pretty seamlessly. Its truly much easier to query for reports using sqlite.

Final step is graphing which I am now most dreading.

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Disabled HDMI and LEDS, and I am scaling the power to "conservative" by default and up to "performance" when I am querying the data, and back down when I'm not querying.

Look the web is great, we have just lost track of the important bits and ceded a bit too much control to Google.

The web we lost is still here, thriving on the fediverse and hosted on personal servers. The fact we even know about and trivially use Plan9 is a testament to that.

Browsers are largely open source google/netscape/apple wanted to sell ads, servers and laptops. But got distracted with ads. You can still build webkit, we can still build chromium, we can still build firefox.

We will reward you somehow if you define an rss feed meta tag.

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CORS is just not allowed without express permission.

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Drop webrtc because its a mess, wont be a mess forever but it is for now. Drop any api that jacks scrolls. Drop quic and http2 support.

Add data permission mode: you can download html + a single special defined, sized limited style sheet on first request to a domain, or the first style dom. After that it would need your permission for file types of your choosing. Ex: block all videos/images/js unless explicitly defined. Allow dom attributes to let the dev explain why they need it.

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Cut webfonts too. This would be nearly a perfect browser experience

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Fork firefox. Cut a ton of features. Cut out a bunch of js apis. Call it Netscape as a sick burn.

Complement Business Models where monopolists turn complementary products into commodities to secure their monopoly.


Constantly reminding myself to not yuck on others yum.

Big release this week at work.

If I try to do any other unrelated work during between issues it's like the client knows and I get hit with tons of emails and flurry of anxiety.

If I just sit here and read twitter, nothing.

3mile island always blows my mind. The core problem was that an indicator light for a valve would turn on ONLY when the servo was on and opening/closing. So the operator thought it was closed when it was open.

The reactor next to the one that went critical actually had the *same situation* happen multiple times but had experienced enough operators that simply closed the valve. That reactor went on to be the longest running and safest reactor in *history*.

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