I’ve got a start on the tui. Auth and loading of your feed is done. Going to load this into a tui and setup some rudimentary shortcuts.

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ok i wrote another update on the state of Reform, i guess the last one before campaign launch mntre.com/media/reform_md/2020

Reading up on Martin Luther King Jr before Monday, we need someone with his leadership right now.

If the writing was on the wall then, now its blasted on a billboard and a banner ad on every website.

If you want to really learn in a fun and accessible way “how” your computer works eater.net/6502 this series is extremely fun and thoughtfully done. He builds a small common processor from scratch on a breadboard. And walks you through each step.

@neauoire based on your current trajectory you will be doing all your nes coding on a breadbord this time next year.

I wanna do a little coding this weekend. What should I do?

I think we need more sound effects in modern user interfaces. In general we need to draw more inspiration from game developers.

None of this is the author of Actix's fault. We don't have rules for this and some people prefer to work solo.

And reddit is partially to blame, Amplifying everything to 11 in the name of engagement.

I have lots of sympathy for the actix dude. He was having fun and writing code.

It is important to know that if you want to share a library that is used by many, you either need to limit the scope drastically OR you need to work hard finding and building relationships with collaborators.

Actix dude did none of this and got really popular. Unfortunately humans have a tendancy to attack popularity in bad ways.

And he had to try and deal with this all alone.

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Capitalism can only justify labor which profits. Structures or institutions that cannot sufficiently monetize their operations whither and die except on a volunteer basis. Scarcity-immune goods and services, such as digital media, can then only be justified with the introduction of scarcity. A great deal of labor goes into introducing and maintaining scarcity where there is none, which can only exist by taking its own share of the wealth it extracts, cementing this gatekeeping as a shared interest between the owning class and this segment of the working class. Thus ads become a form of rent, the flicker of your eyeballs a form of payment for materials which have no per-use cost, and every plea to disable your ad-blocker comes from a hostage. Because capitalism charges us for survival, we find ourselves obliged to maintain the institutions that keep us employed, for in them we see the only means of living. 

Sinus Infection. Daycare has pink eye outbreak AND the water main broke. Multiple meetings on stuff that have real world long term consequences. Double booked. Got no sleep because the kid wanted a midnight chat (babbling). Project team I'm consulting on has cleared out the backlog faster so we're rocking 5+ people pairing on tasks.

Overall feeling worn down but I'm surviving. The urge to drop it all and get a homestead going in the country still relevant, but less urgent feeling.

Got access to some Pitchbook data and holy shit. If you think Silicon Valley is a meritocracy you are mistaken.

Same people on every deal, lawyers playing all sides, same original investors, CEO's of buying companies are lead investors of companies they are buying.

Its a meat grinder, why lose money when you're capital rich company can buy up your failed investments for you.

Your reminder: big companies don't care about you. They cannot.

So if I wait 4 years I'll be able to buy some of the 3:2 laptops coming out now for a reasonable price.

Found some refurbished 2016 lenovo carbon x1's for very reasonable prices. Seems that 4ish years is when everything drops in price, anything younger than that might as well be 1k.

Surprisingly difficult to find refurbished laptops outside of base configurations. Which sites should I be browsing for say x1 or t series with 16gb of ram or at least expandable?

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I don't super love the tree architecture, so I end up using monocle mode or just two splits.

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