@neauoire I feel like once enfer is "ready" one could make a really sick orca/enfer, shadertoy/jsfiddle style website for sharing music

@peregrine I'm not entirely sure where I want to bring enfer, I really don't feel like building a UI to load samples in. I think it's a lot more efficient to just use the filesystem for that.

I might just remain something people can fork and transform.

@neauoire Hardest part of toying with orca for me, is getting basic sounds playing and learning those tools. If there was a list of basic open sounds I could bang I would be random fiddling with it way more often.

All about your goals though.

@neauoire kinda like the samples that come with sonicpi. Random sounds/instruments I can bang on. I usually end up hooking the midi up to sonic pi because its the lowest barrier to entry for me.

I have zero digital music production experience outside of sonic pi and orca and middle school trumpet :P so maybe I dont know of an easier way to get going.

@neauoire But being able to share/ tweak and share sounds in the browser would be pretty neat. My brain's been stuck on the idea since you posted about tone.js.

@neauoire IMO its a real shame you create music in text on orca in a browser, then need to share it on youtube so we can hear it.

@peregrine well if you use pilot, and share your orca track to another pilot user, then it'll sound the same. Like if you share your sonic pi track with another sonic pi user.

But Orca will never include samples or synths. It's not specifically designed to create music, it's just what I use it for.

Sonic pi is nearly infinitely vast tho, you could make anything with that synth alone. I'm not sure if sonic pi has a plan to make export for web feature, that might be neat.

@neauoire Yea that makes sense. I'll let my brain be stuck on this for a while and see where it takes me.

@peregrine I would love to hear your orca experiments with sonicPi :)

@neauoire TBH I'm more interested in orca as a language/environment and a way that I can backdoor my usually not very musically creative brain into enjoying making music.

Every time ya'll share an orca track that sounds amazing I wanna get into the source and fiddle with it. The synths/samples are a black art to me and obviously a bigger part than orca.

@peregrine well, if you just want to mess with orca and samples, the easiest way is basically to fork Enfer as it is now and just swap samples around.

It's what I use to make all my tracks at the moment. It's pretty "complete" in terms of sound.

You don't need to do anything special to it, just use the current samples or replace them with your own :)

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