The real issue is that the web, the operating system, the network, and the hardware have all become a hyper vc fueled moving target. You could write extremely safe and optimized haskell, with a qa team of hundreds or thousands and not even crack a dent in all the different configurations your software might run in.

With the gameboy for example you always had the same configuration. You always had the same delivery. Always had the same hardware the same ux the same everything. Test it with a few folks and ship it.

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Yes our software hasn’t gotten better and we’ve gotten soft. But capitalism demands your products be successful to live. And even then its no promise of a livelihood. Success is currently defined as users who pay extra money(Apple) or users who give up privacy for a deal(Google).

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Nearly every year I put out a webrtc application like google hangouts/meet. The app works for maybe a week before an unrelated browser or network change renders it non working.

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