Sway is pretty nice. I like that its one tool that can do nearly everything you'd expect a WM to do and one fully documented configuration file. No weird AF i3-gaps or rebuilding from source every change.

Actually not too different than my feels on nixos. Instead of asking me to learn a dozen tools, nix asks me to learn it's configuration language and then you or others build an abstraction.

Wanna change your desktop environment in nix? its a one liner nixos.org/nixos/manual/index.h

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Something not in the official repos? you can extend it locally OR use a community defined package.

Here is how you can play with orca in nixos nix-community.github.io/nur-se

@peregrine i've been using nixos as my laptop OS, with my system config tracked in git, and i've definitely enjoyed how i have the confidence to basically make any change I want to my setup configuration, knowing that fixing things is just a rollback away.

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