Probably down on meat consumption to 30% of what it was last year. Mostly cut pork. Beef is down maybe 80%. Chicken and dairy make up most of my animal product consumption.

For a someone who’s paternal line had the largest dairy farm in the state(for a time) and maternal line raised beef. And grew up on both farms.

This is a big change. I need to go slow because my insides don’t love changes but overall the slow addition of more legumes and removal of cheap animal products...

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Also hampered by a high distrust highly processed foods of all kinds filled with “vegetable oil” and or sugar.

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@peregrine Trying to go vegan is how I discovered my soy allergy, but it took me getting sick as a dog and going to a doctor and nutritionist. This is a great transition and just about the single best thing you can do for the planet, but it can be a steep learning curve. Listen to your body and keep it up!

@bee Yea I prefer to slowly change and avoid the urges to replace existing meat meals with meat alternatives. And find recipes that taste good on their own instead of beyond meats and etc.

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