Look if you publicly threaten to sue a conference if they back out on you the entire conference world is going to steer clear of you.

Risk management is nearly the entire game of hosting conferences.


Context: uncle bob threatened to sue a conference because they asked him not to speak.

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@neauoire @peregrine if you look up uncle Bob its a guy that does talks on code quality

@robby @peregrine Oh wow, this person really goes by Uncle Bob, I thought it was just a nickname peregrine was using XD

Best left unknown but if you need to know 

@neauoire he was one of the original programming “thought leaders” who says a lot of stupid shit. I don’t know the full story but he said some even worse stupid shit about women and minorities and a conference asked him to not come. So he threatened to sue and did his own stream claiming its a conspiracy that nobody invites him anymore.

But if you threaten to sue why would anyone want that hanging over their conf?

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