Look ya'll the universe is absurd and humanity is not an exception. I'm a big fan of Albert Camus, his book The Plague is very good reading for right now.

I'm particularly fond of Stuart Gilbert's translations but sometimes I think I should learn French to read the original.

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And Matthew Ward.

Camus wrote his novels in deliberately plain language so anyone could understand them. Often the translators miss this and the English becomes dull and over bearing.

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@peregrine If you're interested in reading the french version, I can help you if you like.

@peregrine Yeah I love his work as well! I like to pen down thoughts for books that I've read. I remember being deeply thoughtful when I wrote down my thoughts for both, The Plague and The Stranger.

@awalvie my favorite is "The Fall"! But I've read all? of his works I think. At least the stuff published.

@peregrine I've been meaning to read The Myth of Sisyphus, going to read that after I've finished Dune.

@awalvie its pretty good, more philosophical and less novel.

@peregrine The Plague is probably my favourite by him. So many pertinent and poignant excerpts.
@peregrine strangely, I also just finished reading l'Etranger in french (I've been studying for just over a year, and it was ... hard. Definitely a valuable challenge, though.
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