Can whomever figured out printers on linux be put in charge of everything else?

Fulltime linux user here for computers and not a week goes by without some:
- video system jank
- audio system jank
- power system jank

and I can't even use bluetooth anything because it just doesn't work (but works fine in Mac or Windows)

But printers, those work.

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the bluetooth hurts the most TBH. I have these nice wireless headphones that are awesome for pacing during my many meetings

I built pulseaudio from source, I grabbed proprietary drivers off a sketch website, I tweaked parameters. I futzed. For one glorious day I had it playing audio that didn't sound terrible, but no microphone.

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I know apple, microsoft and google have teams who purchase popular bluetooth accessories/chipsets and then patch their drivers to support all of them.

Can someone please for the love of god upstream that?

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