A free font, HyperLegible from the Braille institue. for those with poor vision and to be unambiguous

@peregrine okay this rules and is super readable... Seriously considering this as my go-to font

having grown up with an #MSX homecomputer, I miss having a stroke through the zero, so I'll certainly try out this font. :)

@FiXato @peregrine I like the ABC800 zeroes with a dot in them! But the stroke zeroes are probably more effective for this font's purposes.

@emacsomancer @peregrine ...and only one font weight, apart from the regular. :(

I would totally use this on my site in a heartbeat if it had (at least) medium and (optionally) semibold variants.

@cwebber @emacsomancer @peregrine I have little idea about how fonts are made. Would it be possible for someone to build a medium variant with these files, or is it far more complex than that? 😅

@celia @emacsomancer @peregrine I don't really know much myself... I hear font work is kind of a craft of its own, but there *are* people who work on libre fonts!

@celia @peregrine

I'm no expert myself either. But I know that though there are some automated ways of creating new fonts/weights/styles, usually (if you want it to look good/be legible) there's a lot of manual work required.
@cwebber The Noto fonts, which have massive glyph coverage, are also licensed under the SIL Open Font Licence. Those could be a good basis for endeavours like these, I would think.

@celia @peregrine

@peregrine the irony of this post not having an image description

@luna yea I didn't add it and now I can't really delete and redraft.

@peregrine @luna Oh, look, it's the post with an uncaptioned image that I saw a post about!

@peregrine Don't know what to say about the straight vs rounded tail in capital and small Q, but then Q is not that often to appear.

@peregrine Oo! I wonder if this will be a good reading font for me. I use OpenDyslexic right now, but it's not what I would call 'pretty'.

@peregrine @amsomniac this is so cool! I have triple vision, very blurry focus and my left eye shakes and upon taking my glasses off I couldn’t read the comments but I could still read this!

@peregrine Wow! An easy to read font that isn't fucking ugly?

pretty great idea.

I also find it amusing that this is from the braille institute, and is utterly useless to the actually blind...

Of course, I can see why those folk might be just the right people to appreciate the problem space, but it still tickles me a little

@msaunders if you read the rationale most people who come to the braille institute are simply very nearly blind and most documents could be readable if the characters were discernible.

@peregrine Oh this font is gorgeous and helpful too. Might be the first font I will ever install to be my system wide font tbh.

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