I don't wanna yuck on anyone's yum but urbit is not good.

If you can run away from that project and find more intellectually fertile grounds I would sprint.

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@peregrine can you expand on this a bit? It's a project I've been vaguely following (and have been wanting to try out but being blocked by the pain of dealing with ethereum) so I'd love to hear more about it!

@peregrine Peter Thiel is everywhere.

His "foundation capital" is also invested in Brave browser, for instance.(4.5M$, IPO was 35M$, dunno who bought BAT crap)

@peregrine you know there's a difference between the project's founder and the project, right? further, that there's a difference between the org and its members?

@xj9 I do not think it is so easy to separate a systems founder, author, original goal setter and intent. Everything moldbug believes is still there encoded in the system. It may not be explicit but the fact of the matter is its there.

An org is defined entirely by who it allows to he members. If it allows all, it needs to accept that it is its members.

Further founded by someone who is still alive, funded by the people who believed in them and operated by those who believe in them.

@xj9 and just to be 100% clear and blunt here. If I am going to be devoting my limited time to a software stack that also attempts to be an economic system it sure is hell not going to come from a self described fascist and white supremacist.

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