Chest Freezers are really amazing, barely drawing any electricity and staying cold using INSULATION. Tbh I would be very grateful to have a chest style refrigerator.

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I would also need to redo my entire kitchen to make it fit so probably nogo.

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@peregrine A lot of our ideas have this same blocker, we'd have to redo our entire kitchen to get our ideal setup XD. Couldn't fit anywhere else in your home?

@rek could fit in the basement next to the freezer of course. Living and working in a relatively small house with a toddler and a dog has been a trick

@rek also we’ve got a new refrigerator and I would feel pretty awful tossing it. But its on my mind for the future.

In a similar spot with out old electric stove. We could replace it with an induction stove to reduce our usage or we could just leave it as it works fine.

@peregrine Yea, if they're still working, keep what you've got. No sense in changing em yet

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