Got the new computer setup with Manjaro i3.

I attempted PopOS but immediately had issues with a known bug and from disk encryption.

Its all working as expected so far. Some real nice defaults here, though I need to get rid of that green.

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NUC's are pretty nice. Relatively cheap and with aftermarket ram 64gb. Much lower power consumption than my "gaming pc" and way snappier.

The AMD stuff is great, really appreciating all of these cores, the lag is gone.

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Negative is I can only upgrade the ram or ssd/nvme but IRL I have never touched any of the components on my gaming machine in 3+ years since I built it and probably wont, and who will want used 3 year old parts?

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@peregrine Nice! You were considering NixOS for a time right? Did it ever work out?

@tees Yes I plan on making a partition to experiment with NIX and Sway. or
Alpine and Sway.

@peregrine I voted for PopOS. Had just given it a quick try (live version), the WM engine is quite interesting but need some learning.

At home, my GF uses a Linux Mint xcfe. Never tried Manjaro (so I'm curious of the feedbacks)

@0gust1 So far it seems good. @neauoire seems to be having a good time with it. This will probably be MY "new ezmode default" but I wouldn't say this is totally for the light at heart. I would probably still recommend Elementary OS to most people.

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