Has anyone else gone down the path of learning stenotyping? The thought of typing faster than my speech is really appealing.

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@peregrine I had training when I was younger. Haven't done deliberate practice since, so I'm not as fast as I was. But it helped build speed and confidence on the keyboard that I still benefit from today :)

@electret neat! I am looking into plover/open steno project.

@peregrine just go for it :) I might go for it too, would be fun to learn the English method (and more useful since I almost never write French anymore)

@peregrine I have, but its usage is very limited. If you think you can use that to code, then it won't work. It's good if you don't have to think, like if you're listening to someone talk and are transcribing.

@neauoire I read that some people build custom dictionaries for coding but yea this would mostly be a layer in my keyboard I could enable when I need to get thoughts out. Or type something in english.

@peregrine it's surprisingly poor for getting ideas out.. I've tried learning for years, but while your brain tries to remember chords, it makes it hard to have any thought at all. Maybe it becomes mechanical at some point.

Shorthand might be more useful to learn if you just want to record thoughts faster.

@neauoire @peregrine gets better with time, but you're right, it's mostly great for transcription of speech, for regular thinking you're supposed to think slowly enough that it doesn't matter too much. But it's a fun rabbit hole to get into

@electret @neauoire @peregrine What is being described here sounds a lot like IDE autocomplete, at least for code.

I read somewhere that Knuth (notably a very prolific author among many many other things) prefers handwriting to typing because typing moves faster than he thinks. I've definitely experienced this kind of "buffering" lag myself jotting down ideas in a text editor that I don't get when I'm brainstorming using pen + paper.

I think getting ideas down quickly/efficiently is less a problem of raw throughput, and more a problem of reducing impedance mismatch between your brain and everything else to maximize flow.


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