Got UXN building on macos, if you'd like to play along:

@neauoire is there any interest in having SDL2_PATH as a environment variable that users could override? To avoid mac/non-linux system specific idiosyncrasies.

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UPDATE: Disregard this, macos just works on master now :-)

@peregrine yes! but I don't know anything about that stuff. Wanna help me set it up?

@neauoire This is being fixed in irc, apparently this is a "solved" problem

@peregrine I can't come on IRC at the moment, but is someone going to make a change to the build script or something so it is OSX compatible?

@neauoire Its working on master now :-) @sigrid and @alderwick helped out. SDL2 comes with an sdl-config script to add proper include and lib directories to gcc commands.

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