Anyone have a recommendation on daily stretches/movements to do to stave off age-related stiffness and pain?

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@peregrine I tend to focus on my back and neck. I do cat/cow poses, but also turn my head once in the pose.

@peregrine What works for me is first relax my body by taking five to ten minutes to lay flat and do breathing exercises while focusing on consciously disengaging all the muscles.

Then I head outside and do free movement. Just based on moving around and seeing each day what feels stiff, then leaving into opening up that part of my body.

So far I’ve found that more effective than fixed movements as it accounts for changing body tensions.

@peregrine are there particular areas that are bothering you?

@peregrine aw, sorry to hear that.

There are a couple of good stretches for neck pain, it depends a bit on where it comes from.

A good one is to try holding a shrug - lift your shoulders up towards your ears, hold for a bit, then drop them gently (kind of like a slow shrug).

Another one is the scalene stretch, where you gently tilt your head sideways (ear to shoulder). I'd recommend looking up some videos for this set of stretches, there are several variations.

Good luck!

@peregrine oh and on the heel pain, in my case, it tends to be that my calves have tightened and don't relax properly, but there can be other reasons. Might be worth getting that checked out! Hope you feel better soon.

@peregrine 5x building up to 20x [ Birddogs, Deadbugs, Sphinx, Knees to Chest / Inverted Baby pose] for lower back/excessive sitting.

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