If you have something that is about to fail or is in need of repair, don't sleep on it.

Going to be a cold hard winter of supply shortages, get your house in order now while you can.

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@peregrine we've spent the last 2 days stocking up for the winter and got doubles of everything. Gonna do a run for spare parts today

@neauoire smart. I'm generally over-prepared at the current moment due to some instinctual nesting my S/O I did for upcoming baby.

Only thing's I haven't purchased/stocked up on are things I can source locally.

@peregrine for boat stuff, the supply chain has already pretty much collapsed, every part is 2-3 months of delay to get them, if they're available at all. Canada doesn't "make" anything apparently, it all has to be imported.

@neauoire tbf Canada is a very small country, population wise, hard to expect it to be fully self sufficient.

@peregrine sometimes we find parts or tools that were made in canada in the 50s & 60s, but the factories making them have since shutdown. Most things that we found that have been produced in canada at one time or another, are now made abroad.

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