I would love a nix thats faster and also less esoteric. A nix for the rest of us.

@peregrine faster? What would use that for? Raymarching in the CLI?

@neauoire nix is pretty slow even on my best machine downloading and resolving the universe to build an exe.

@peregrine Maybe the fault is on the exe? I mean, I work entirely from slow ARM devices these days and they're freakin fast, like unbelieveably fast. They're only slow at dealing with poorly built software?

@peregrine there's guix, which seems really well built, but I think it's slower.
i'm scared we'll be stuck with nix's horrible language, even if the tooling gets a lot better. which is a shame because ugh. i've been on nixOS a year now (all devices) and still don't know any functions. i basically just use it with attrSets and constant doc searches (like if i were writing terraform) which really sucks.

@peregrine though to be totally honest, i don't mind the build times. with a few binary caches, and then local caches for shells / builds, it generally doesn't take too long.

@aynish @peregrine Guile is faster than Nix AFAIK. Like, it's both AOT and JIT compiled. I couldn't even use the nix CLI's search on my laptop because it went OOM and got killed. So in my limited experience Guix is much faster and it's only getting better. See the recently added `guix shell` subcommand which caches environments so you don't even have to wait for the derivation to be computed every time.

And having Guile as a config language is Very Nice.

@aynish @peregrine Now whether Nix can manage compilations better... I'm not sure. If they finally land the intensional store, it could speed things up, but I haven't checked on how that feature is progressing in a while, and AFAIK it's been a known TODO item since the original Nix paper. The GitHub issue for it is definitely a few years old at this point.

@csepp @peregrine how i wish guix took off instead of nix. the language is truly painful and obtuse. scheme is lovely. it wouldn't suprise me if guix is actually faster, i didn't really validate. guix search seems like an unfair comparision given the scope of what's being searched thou

@aynish @peregrine Why is the comparison unfair? Searching packages (or derivations or whatever) should be an O(n) affair at worst. 4 gigs should be plenty enough for O(n).

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